We present you a brilliantly simple way to clean your eggs.

Boiled eggs are loved by many. You can eat them for breakfast, take them on a trip and use them to make salads. And the most difficult thing is not even to boil an egg so that the protein does not flow into the water. Sometimes a really unpleasant procedure is to peel the shell.

There are many recommendations. The most popular is to put the eggs in ice water immediately after boiling. But today another secret has become available. And it allows you to clean the egg almost instantly.

All you need is a glass and some cool water. Put the newly brewed egg in the glass, add water and shake for a few seconds. Try to shake harder. When you get the egg, the shell will be removed all at once. For a few eggs, you need a bigger container. You can shake them all together!

But remember, clean only the hard-boiled eggs or a bag. Be sure to check if this tip really works!

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