Weather for New Year 2017 in different countries. Weather forecast weather forecasters for 2017 for Bali, Cyprus, UAE, Tunisia and Prague

PNG-001What will be the weather for New Year 2017 in the capitals of European countries and on exotic resorts, those who have no plans to meet the winter festivities at home by the TV are interested, and want to combine the holidays with vivid impressions of meeting new countries. For such travelers, weather forecasters make preliminary forecasts and recommend a mild winter fan to go to the Crimea or Prague, lovers of moderate temperatures take tickets to Cyprus, Italy or Tunisia, and those who love heat celebrate the New 2017 in the UAE and Bali among palm trees and tropical plants.

What is the weather expected in the UAE on the New Year

Exactly to know what the weather is expected in the UAE for the New 2017, tourists who wish to celebrate the winter holidays in a bathing suit alone under the cozy sound of the surf want to.A preliminary forecast by weather forecasters for such travelers is informed by encouraging information and says that the weather at the end of December and the beginning of January in the Emirates will be just perfect. It will turn out on the beach to soak up, and go on excursions, and pay attention to shopping, and the New Year celebrations are beautifully done away.

The last days of December will be pleased with moderate heat, the absence of exhausting stuffiness and a reasonable level of humidity. The hottest will be on the coast of the Persian Gulf in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. In these cities, the thermometer will rise to + 25 ... 26 ° C during the daytime, and at night it will drop to + 14 ... 15 ° C. The temperature of the sea water will be + 23 ... 25 ° C and there will be plenty of opportunities for the guests to sunbathe, swim and go in for sea sports.


The evenings will not require guests of the resorts to dress too warmly and wrap themselves up in padding jackets or thick woolen sweaters. However, taking a light shawl or tippet from home does not hurt. By night, the winds may increase and walking around the streets in sundresses and thin shirts will not be very comfortable. In early January, the UAE will become a bit colder and thermometers will record + 23 ... 24 ° C daytime and + 11 ... 13 ° C at night.

This month is not very suitable for swimming, as the sea off the coast of the Persian Gulf cools down to + 18 ° C. In such an invigorating water, only hardened daredevils are at risk, and all others prefer swimming pools at hotels or modern indoor aqua parks, where the optimal temperature for comfortable bathing is always maintained.

Weather in Italy - what will it be for the New Year


Cool, slightly sunny and not very friendly - this is what the weather will be in Italy for the New Year. The air temperature will not rise above + 15 ... 16 ° C in the daytime, and at night the thermometer will drop to + 10 ° C. In Sicily and Sardinia it will be a couple of degrees colder, and in Ischia and Sorrento the average daily temperature will range from + 7 ° C to +13 ° C, and in Naples and Capri - from +8 ° C to +14 ° C. In Rome, the average daily figures will be +6 ... 12 ° C, while in Pisa and Florence the mercury column will not exceed 11 ° C.

Going to celebrate the New Year holidays in Italy, you must always put in a suitcase jackets, waterproof shoes and an umbrella. At the end of December and the beginning of January, protracted precipitation and strong, gusty winds are very likely throughout the country, so walking around the city, inspecting sights and shopping without appropriate clothing will be very uncomfortable.

You can supplement the New Year holidays in Italy by skiing. In the middle of December, the winter season officially starts in the Alps and everything related to it, entertainment and sports become available to tourists.

What the weather will be established in Prague for the New Year


For the New Year 2017, the traditional winter weather will be established in Prague. In the last days of December, the cloudiness characteristic of the beginning and middle of the month will finally recede and the sun will light the streets of the city. From December 25 to December 27, the air temperature will be from 0 ° C to + 1 ° C during the day and 0 ... -2 ° C at night. On the 28th, the mercury column will surely crawl down and stop at the level of -2 ... -3 ° C during the daytime. The nights will become even colder and the thermometers will record -5 ... 6 ° C.

From January 1, the temperature will drop by another degree, and by the 4th it will be -5 ° C. The sky will drag on and a light snow will fall, however, such weather will not last long and soon the precipitation will stop and gradually begin to warm.

What is usually the weather in Cyprus on New Year 2017


Moderately warm, mild, but totally unpredictable in terms of precipitation - this is what kind of weather usually prevails in Cyprus on New Year's Eve. For beach holidays this time is not suitable.The natural decrease in air temperature also affects the Mediterranean. The water cools down to + 16 ... 18 ° C, and the winds, which are very frequent for this period, discourage the desire to swim away from even the most courageous and seasoned travelers. The bulk of tourists move to the pools at hotels or go to Limassol to enjoy the largest indoor pool in Cyprus, located in the Hotel Le Meridien Limassol Spa & amp; Resort 5 * ".

On New Year's Eve, the air temperature in Cyprus ranges from + 16 ... 19 ° C during the day and + 7 ... 11 ° C at night. The highest rates are shown by cities such as Famagusta, Paphos and Ayia Napa, in Limassol and Larnaca is always a degree colder, and the lowest mercury columns go down in Kyrenia and Nicosia.

From the first days of January throughout the territory of Cyprus noticeably colder. In the eastern areas quite a lot of rain falls, but they are expressed only in the form of rain. Therefore, for comfortable walks, it is necessary to stock up on waterproof shoes, a large, reliable umbrella and a thick bolonese jacket.

Those who wish to combine New Year's Eve and ski entertainment should book rooms at one of the camp sites of the Troodos Mountains.This should be done in advance, since the end of December, the high season begins here and the empty seats are filled with tourists almost instantly.

Weather in Tunisia for the New 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise


On New 2017, the weather in Tunisia is set to rather warm, but rainy weather. True, precipitation is short-lived and interspersed with dry, sunny days, but throwing an umbrella and raincoat into a suitcase does not hurt.

From December 25 to December 27, the air in the resort will warm up to + 17 ... 18 ° C, and from 28 it will begin to get colder and on New Year's Eve the temperature will only rise to + 15 ° C during the night and decrease to + 12 ... 14 ° C at night. The downward trend will last until January 3, and only from 4 will it start to warm up a little.

Swim in the sea on the New Year in Tunisia will not succeed. Cold water up to + 14 ° C, gusty winds and storms, sometimes reaching 6 points, scare away even the bravest and seasoned swimmers from the coast. But for tourists there is a great opportunity to enjoy a visit to thalassotherapy centers that provide a full range of services for the restoration of beauty and health.

What will be the weather in Bali for the New 2017


For New 2017, the traditional tropical weather will reign in Bali. The air temperature during the day warms up to + 28 ... 33 ° C, and at night it drops to + 23 ° C. It rains a lot, but they all fall at night and do not cause much trouble for tourists.

With beach procedures you have to behave very carefully. Despite the sky tightly closed with clouds and the absence of direct sunlight, the level of ultraviolet radiation literally rolls over and getting burned becomes more than real, even if it is extremely short stay in fresh air.

In early January, the temperature drops by a couple of degrees due to increasing precipitation. Together with heavy rains, the level of relative humidity rises. At the beginning of the month it already reaches 90% -95% and it becomes very difficult to breathe on the island. This is especially felt by older people and children, so they are recommended to refrain from traveling to Bali on the New Year 2017. It is better to spend the winter holidays in the Crimea or Prague, where the climate is more loyal. Well, if the craving for exotic is irresistible, it makes sense to go to Crete, Cyprus or to the United Arab Emirates, where it is realistic to combine the charms of hot edges and the New Year's atmosphere.

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