Weave a thin bracelet from a cord

Weave a thin bracelet from a cord- weave a beautiful bracelet from a nylon cord, decorated with brass or gold rings.

Materials and tools:

  1. nylon cord for weaving;
  2. rings and other jewelry;
  3. scissors;
  4. needle;
  5. lighter.

Step 1

Take a nylon cord and cut it into two 75 cm each, two 50 cm each and one 25 cm. Fold the 50 cm length in half and thread (loop) through the ring, also do the second cord on the other side of the ring.

For the convenience of weaving, we attach one cord with adhesive tape to the table. We take a cord length of 75 cm, put it in the middle under the cords from the ring, we begin to tie the knots around the cord from the ring. An example of knitting a knot is well shown in the figures.The node alternates to the right, then left.

To finish the weaving, the end of the cord is threaded into the needle and pulled through 3-4 knots from the inside of the weave, the second end of the cord is also pulled. Then cut off the ends with scissors.

Take a second 75 cm long cord and repeat these steps on the other side.

To make a "sliding knot", temporarily (by a simple knot) tie the ends of the cords from the rings (see picture). Now using a 25 cm long cord, we will make a “sliding knot”, tying up 4 cords. The technique of weaving and end of weaving is the same as before. Untie the temporary knots and tie each knot at each end. Cut off excess with scissors.

Nylon cord braceletis ready. Thanks to the sliding knot, you can adjust the size of the bracelet.

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