Wedding ring cushion

Wedding - this is such an amazing event that will remain in memory for many years. And I want everything to be organized at the highest level: the wedding hall, the tables, the bride's dress, and the car. The same goes for the pads for rings. The advantages of making a cushion for the rings with your own hands: Today there is a huge selection of different accessories on the market of wedding products. Their diverse design, shape and color range is amazing. However, for such a pleasure will have to pay a large sum. In addition, the home-made pillow has such advantages in comparison with the purchased one, as: uniqueness (it is unlikely to be found on the sketch by other newlyweds); the possibility of creating the model that is necessary for you (often to purchase a product that is suitable in all respects is simply impossible); own implementation (creating such a small masterpiece, you will feel like a real master); personal participation in the preparation for the event.In addition, the cushion for rings made with your own hands, there will be so much warmth, love and tenderness that others and, of course, your favorite will feel it. Materials Create wedding accessory for rings is quite simple. To do this, you will need the following materials: -fabric (preferably satin stretch); -lakes; -satin ribbons of different widths; -syntone; -thread cushion; - needle; scissors; transparent glue (it is better to use a crystal or glue gun).
This basic set will allow you to create a rather delicate pad. If you want to get a more elegant result, stock up on rhinestones, beads, half-pearls and other decorative "things." We create the basis of the product. To sew the base of the pillow, cut a rectangle of 18 centimeters in length and 18 centimeters in width from satin fabric.
 Wedding ring cushion
Immediately steam the part. To prevent the edges from mohri, scorch them on an open fire. On each side, make a margin from the edge and rub it out. As a result, you should get a square. Begin to stitch the front and back surfaces of the rectangle.Three sides should turn out to be connected, and leave the fourth half half finished. If you work without using a sewing machine, it is recommended to make a back-stitch seam. So you will get tight and accurate seams, which will not break when deformed. Turn the resulting part and fill it with padding polyester. In order to evenly fill the surface, it is advisable to use a solid piece of this material, carefully placing it in the corners of the pad. Carefully sew the remaining cut.
 Wedding ring cushion
 Wedding ring cushion
Pillow decoration. Now you have a ready-made pad base in your hand. You can sew ribbons, bows, beads or other elements to it at your discretion. We will go on a more difficult path. From the fabric of a lighter shade, cut out the square so that its size differs from the base by 2-3 centimeters. This will be the front of the cushion, available to the gaze of the newlyweds, guests and the camera lens. Sweep the edges from all sides. At the top of the square, glue the satin ribbon so that its ends are not visible.In the same way, glue the lace. To give originality to the product, make a line along the entire perimeter of the square-face, departing from each edge by 3-5 millimeters. From satin ribbons with a width of 1 and 0.5 centimeters, make two bows and glue them to a decorative square. The final step is to attach the decorated element to the blank pads. To look more presentable product leave it for 2-3 hours under the press. All you have to do is to place the rings on the pillow, threading them through the satin bows.
 Wedding ring cushion
Cushion for wedding rings
Wedding ring cushion

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