What a dream in which you see a suitcase

In real life, the collection of luggage in the house always means the proximity of a trip or a long journey, and a lot of new, unforgettable impressions. So it is definitely the case with dreams, try to find out with the help of popular dream books. They will help you figure out what dream of collecting a suitcase, and interpret possible options for visions.

ABC interpretation of dreams

According to this dream book, a suitcase is a symbol of past feelings, memories, and rewarding experience. Often, it reflects the subconscious desire for change and disagreement with the existing way of life. Empty baggage promises failure in undertakings and parting with a partner.

Female dream book

For beautiful ladies to collect a suitcase in a dream, foreshadows an early departure. If things in the baggage are in disarray, the trip will have an unpleasant aftertaste. In the event that the suitcase in the vision is empty, it means that intentions to conquer a wealthy man will not be crowned with success.

East Dream

According to this source, sleeping in your hand with a suitcase will indicate that a long trip is approaching. Careful baggage fees promise a good trip, while empty carry-on luggage foretells love disappointments and serious troubles in family life.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

The well-known psychologist interprets in his own way what a suitcase with things dreams about. This vision may portend an impending quarrel with a man who is dear to you. Carrying heavy luggage from place to place, means that the sleeper has a whole tangle of complexes and problems that need to be sorted out in real life.

Modern dream book

According to a modern source, a dream suitcase in a dream may be a harbinger of a long road. If a full suitcase dreamed of a merchant, it means that he will succeed in his endeavors. In that case, if the luggage is too small for all its things, it means that a person is expected to have a quick breakthrough in business and an improvement in the level and quality of life.

Esoteric dream book

Promising dreams with a suitcase esoteric interpreted as follows. Empty luggage "hints" that you need to raise your intellectual level, and an overloaded suitcase, on the contrary, testifies to large stocks of life experience.If the hand luggage is lost or stolen, it means that someone is encroaching on your intellectual property and is going to pass it off as its own.

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