What are the memories of Cannes from different years: sex, money, fame

On the anniversary 70th Cannes festival, Woman’s day recalled the loudest scandals of the prestigious film show.

The Cannes Film Festival is connected in our minds to the sea, the Croisette and the red carpet. And of course, with celebrities that flock here from all over the world. And where the stars, there is always a place of scandal or outrageous. Glory, money, love - these are the main, but not the only causes of scandals. At the anniversary 70th Cannes festival, Woman’s Day recalled the loudest.

So, the reason for the scandals in Cannes in different years were ...

Finance and politics

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From the very beginning the festival was constantly in jeopardy. No one could believe that it will survive for at least a decade.

Few people know that the first festival was planned to open in September 1939. However, the outbreak of the Second World War and the ensuing occupation of France forced for seven long years to forget about the holiday of cinema.

The premiere of the festival took place immediately after the war in 1946. And since there was no special building at that time, the festival was held in a casino on the city embankment.

By 1949, the building was nevertheless built thanks to the efforts of the then mayor of the city. But in 1948 and 1950 the festival was again threatened with closure. This time for financial reasons. The organizers simply could not find the money and did not hold the festival. And in 1968, when France was embraced by students' protests, “progressive filmmakers”, among whom were Godard and Truffaut, “identified with the rebellious students” and stopped the “bourgeois” festival. Participants were left without awards.

In the 70-year history of the Cannes festival, the years of recovery and hard times will survive. However, the crisis is a crisis, and the budget of the festival, for example, in 2008 was a lot - 20 million euros.

Dress code

The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
Julia Roberts walked barefoot on the red carpet
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It is not for nothing that the International Film Festival has been bourgeois. It implies the Black Tie dress code format - official and solemn. Men are required to wear a tuxedo, bow tie and classic shoes. And women are instructed to please the eye with long evening dresses, glitter of jewelry and, importantly, to move gracefully in high-heeled shoes.

However, in 1994, American film director Quentin Tarantino appeared at the awards ceremony in a T-shirt. This frivolity was recognized as a gross violation and disrespect to the guests of the festival. The guards did not miss the director.

In recent years, there have been sharp disputes over heels. Ladies blame the organizers for sexism. In 2015, in Cannes, a scandal broke out at one of the prime ministers when the employees, having received recommendations from the organizers, refused to let the ladies in shoes on the low run go on to watch.

The following year, 2016, Julia Roberts decided to get rid of her high-heeled shoes and walked barefoot on the red carpet. She came to the festival to present, together with George Clooney, the film “The Financial Monster”, in which she took part. Going to the steps of the palace, she took off her shoes and climbed the stairs.

Confucians with dresses twice happened to the French actress Sophie Marceau. In 2005, the star let down the top, exposing at the most inopportune moment the chest of the actress. In 2015, the actress, being a member of the jury of the festival, raised the hem of her white dress with a smell to climb the steps. This style of dress played a cruel joke with the actress.The smell opened like a peignoir, and everyone saw a flesh-colored underwear.

And in 2016, the actress Laura Calami, who represented the film “Stand exactly”, could not resist and began to dance cancan. Laura raised her legs so high that she showed turquoise panties under a black evening dress, which immediately fell into the paparazzi lenses.


The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
After a moment, Quentin Tarantino will show the same indecent gesture
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The grandiose fight in 1995 was provoked by film director Emir Kusturitsa, who received his second palm branch for the film “Underground”. Johnny Depp, the director's friend, was also involved in the scuffle. It all happened at a movie reward party. A quarrel broke out between the Bosnians and the director. Bosnians have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Kusturica has put his people in the film in an unflattering light. To which the director replied to his countrymen rather uncaringly. As a result, a scuffle ensued between the director’s team and the hot Bosnian guys, which only the police could pull apart.

Quentin Tarantino distinguished himself in 1994. Already posing in front of cameras with the “Golden Palm Branch” for his film “Pulp Fiction”, Tarantino allowed himself an indecent gesture with his middle finger of his left hand.They say he responded to the cries of viewers who did not like his film.

After the appearance in 2011 of the Danish film director Lars von Trier, his appearance at the festival was outlawed. The director presented his drama “Melancholia” in Cannes with Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Genzbur in the lead roles. However, at the press conference, Trier began to spread his sympathy for the Fuhrer and his dislike for Israel. As a result, he was declared persona non grata and left the festival. Nevertheless, his film was rated by the jury of the festival. Actress Kirsten Dunst received the prize for Best Actress in the drama "Melancholia".

Boycotts and professional strikes

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In 1983, Algerian-born French actress Isabelle Adjani, for some reason, ignored the traditional photo session on the eve of the festival opening. Photographers accredited at the festival found this a disrespect to their work. And they decided to teach her a lesson. When Isabelle Ajani came out on the red carpet, the reporters, as one, pointedly laid their cameras on the sidewalk and turned away from the actress.

In general, demonstrations and protests against the background of the Cannes Film Festival are frequent.For example, in 2004, a demonstration of expensive hotel employees took place on the famous Croisette. The staff demanded a pay rise. The maids of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel threatened that they would not clean the rooms, and the waiters generally wanted to leave the stars without breakfast. Requirements were met.

But the protest, which in the same 2004, the actors extras, withdrawn for an hourly fee, did not end so well. All participants dispersed the police.

Cupid's Arrows

The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
Catherine Deneuve passionately kissed the ceremony leading Laurent Lafitta, who is 30 years younger
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How to avoid the increased attention of the press to secret or obvious intrigues of stars? Sometimes intrigues are composed on the go, and sometimes they have a happy sequel.

It is in Cannes that the love story of actress Grace Kelly, who arrived at the festival as part of the American delegation in 1955, and the Prince of Monaco Rainier III, began. A year later, the Oscar-winning star Hitchcock was already a princess of Monaco.

In 2014, director Quentin Tarantino amused the audience with an incendiary dance on the red carpet. The director made everyone remember the famous scene from “Pulp Fiction”, performing a dance in front of his muse Uma Thurman.The press has long discussed the details of the alleged novel Tarantino and Thurman, but the rumors were not confirmed.

In 2016, the 72-year-old French actress Catherine Deneuve shocked the public with her improvisation. Stepping onto the stage, the actress went to the host of the ceremony, the actor and humorist Laurent Lafitte, and passionately kissed him on the lips. The kiss, which lasted a few seconds, was supported by the audience with loud applause. Lafitte is 30 years younger than a film star.

Sex scandals

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In 1985, Ilona Staller, better known by her pseudonym Chichcholina, appeared on the red carpet (yes, the one with whom Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky embraced unknowingly). All tabloids have posted photos of pornoods on the front pages. And her appearance in a frivolous dress with a teddy bear in her hands was called the most notable event of the festival.

By the way, since 1991, in parallel with the main shows, the Cannes Porn Festival was held. However, about five years ago, he stopped his work. In the past, in 2016, the Cannes Film Festival was opened by Woody Allen’s High Life. The host of the evening began his speech, recalling that two years earlier, her adopted daughter had accused an 80-year-old director of sexual harassment that she had to endure as a child.The American film actress, the owner of Oscar Susan Sarandon also spoke out against Allen. Allen did not remain in debt, saying that he had never been in awe of the festival, and left the event immediately after the screening of his film.


The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
Naomi Campbell has been robbed in Cannes twice
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Stars spend a fortune to hit everyone with their clothes and jewels. Not surprisingly, the festival attracts rogues of all stripes.

In 2005, fashion model Naomi Campbell lost all her dresses because of a quarrel with her stylist. Charter to endure the antics of a famous model, the stylist disappeared, taking her whole wardrobe. And then an unknown person, posing as an assistant to a star, stole jewelry worth 46 thousand dollars. In 2010, the famous model, having fun on one of the yachts with her companion Vlad Doronin, lost her mobile phone. The party was organized by the jewelry house Сhopard, which produces the famous "palm branches" - the main prize of the festival.

And in 2013, the Chopard jewelry house itself was also robbed. Decorations of more than $ 1 million were stolen from the room of the Novotel hotel.The robbers snatched a safe walled in the wall, in which were kept jewelery, intended to be leased to celebrities participating in the Cannes Film Festival. The investigation still has not led to anything.


The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
Penelope Cruz's poisoning caused a stir at the festival in 2009
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The menu of all banquets and buffets of the Cannes festival is thought out to the smallest detail. French restaurateurs are world famous for their reverent attitude to high cuisine. All dishes, composition and ingredients are approved long before the festival. The best suppliers dream to get profitable contracts. And the guests and the press then for a long time discussed which buffet table was more refined, and the oysters were larger.

Needless to say, the organizers are kind to the reputation of the festival. Therefore, the poisoning of actress Penelope Cruz in 2009 caused a stir. Later it became known that Penelope had dinner at one of the local restaurants and the festival’s cuisine had nothing to do with it. However, due to poor health, the star missed several events and was under the supervision of doctors for a couple of days. By the premiere of the film "Open arms" Pedro Almadovara, where the actress played a major role, the star was already in the ranks.

And in 2006 another scandal broke out.The festival organizers turned to Sakhalin Governor Ivan Malakhov with a proposal to supply caviar for Cannes. The contract included tens of tons and considerable sums in euros. But then Greenpeace activists intervened. Protest rallies of wildlife defenders left the festival without caviar. A year later, the Sakhalin governor was also removed from office. True, for other reasons.

Content of nominee films

The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
In 2006, Ron Howard’s film The Da Vinci Code prompted hundreds of Christian activists to come to Cannes.
Photo: a frame from the film "The Da Vinci Code"

Strictly speaking, the festival in Cannes is still due to the movies. And the scandals associated with the maintenance of tapes - the main intrigue of the festival.

In 1960, the brilliant Italian director Federico Fellini presented his cult satirical painting “Sweet Life”. The film was banned from showing in Italy. What, in fact, was the best advertisement for the film. This work was the highest grossing in the works of Fellini. And the surname of the friend of the protagonist, photographer Paparazzo, has become a common noun.

In 1961, Louis Bunnell’s Viridiana film angered the supporters of the dictatorship of General Franco.After the premiere, the film was banned from being shown in Spain until the dictator’s death in 1975.

In 1985, the audience, perturbed by the film “Detective” by French director Jean Luc Godard, launched the master with a huge cake with cream. The brilliant director, as they say, licked his glasses and stated that the cake was delicious.

In 2002, the film Gaspar Noe's “Irreversibility” caused a shock to Cannes viewers. Critics have called the film the most radical and most outstanding film of the festival. The 10-minute scene of the brutal rape of the main character, played by Monica Bellucci, forced 250 people to leave the room while watching. Ambulance cars were on duty near the cinema center. Doctors provided assistance to viewers who became ill while watching.

In 2006, Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code, based on the controversial novel by Dan Brown, prompted hundreds of Christian activists to come to Cannes. Church leaders accused the filmmakers of "negligent and disrespectful" attitude to religious values. The city authorities set up roadblocks across the embankment to avoid collisions.

Well, in the past, in 2016, the audience booed the star of "Twilight" Kristen Stewart for her role in the film directed by Olvier Assayas "Personal Buyer".The public didn’t like the bland game and the fact that the “ghosts” are literally attracted to the clothes by Chanel, whose face has been an actress for several years.

Violation of the rules

The loudest scandals of festivals in Cannes
In 2010, the controversy went around the film by Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov, "Burnt by the Sun - 2"
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Like all competition events, the Cannes Film Festival has a number of rules according to which films are selected. For example, only film premieres created in the last 12 months are allowed to enter the competition. The percentage of French rolled products is paid to the national film production budget. Therefore, the law obliges film holders to sustain a three-year pause between the premiere and the online film. Films should not express an official ideology or be sponsored by the state. Initially, the filmmakers themselves could apply for the festival. Now the right of selection was left behind the organizers.

In 2009, the TV thriller “Carlos” of the French director and screenwriter Olivier Assayas, after long discussions, was still excluded from the competition program. The reason - the lack of film distribution.But the mini-series was shown out of competition.

In 2010, the controversy went around the film by Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov "Burnt by the Sun - 2". The film was released in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries a month before the festival, which was a violation of the rules. Nevertheless, the film was part of the program.

"The conflict between the regulations and new technologies" dubbed the main intrigue of the 70th Cannes Press Festival. This year, in 2017, the festival organizers decided not to remove films from films that refused to be rented in cinemas. But the intrigue associated with the participation in the competition of paintings financed by Netflix (the supplier of films based on “streaming media”), made the public wary of seizures.

The festival will change the official regulations only next year: films that will not be rolled out in France will not be able to be presented at the competition in Cannes.

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