What can replace blush

It is possible to correct the facial contours without the use of the usual cosmetic blush with the help of a small amount of bronzer or powder with a tan tinge combined with several shades. Also ideal for this purpose are golden shades that perfectly highlight the tan and beautifully highlight the line of the cheekbones. In an emergency, a lipstick or a shade of pink, red or brown can be an excellent substitute for blush.
In order to make lipstick, bronzer, or shade look more natural instead of rouge, you should not choose too brilliant colors that will make your cheekbones ashen-gray. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use too bright or dark shades, because the blush should be almost imperceptible on the skin. To achieve the perfect blush lipstick, powder or shadows that are applied to the cheekbones, you must carefully shade so that there are no horizontal strokes on the cheeks.You should also avoid grayish or dirty shades that will make your face look older.
The most common color of natural blush is a dark pink shade, so before applying a replacement blush you need to apply the selected tool on the back of the palm or cheek and closely examine its color in daylight. It is advisable for light-skinned women to choose lipstick, powder or shades of soft pastel shades, pink and sand palette are best suited for skin color, and coral and peach tones are intended for red-haired beauties.
For women with yellowish or olive skin, it is advisable to use a dark pink, copper or brown shade, while darker or darker skin is ideal for rich shades of burgundy, plum, dark bronze and fuchsia. In order to create a natural impression and not spoil the makeup, make-up artists recommend to focus on the delicate peach or pink shades of eye shadow, powder or lipstick, which, moreover, are easiest to apply and shade. Also for everyday makeup should not use too bright and rich shades of blush replacement.

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