What dreams a strong wind in a dream

Everyone knows the words “Where the wind blows ...”, “Throwing money into the wind”, “wind in the head”, etc. In a dream, the wind is also a symbol of various situations, actions, a harbinger of future circumstances.

Autumn dream

Feel the wind in a dream, you are chilled by its cold, and you cannot find shelter from it - wait for the revelation. You will find and be sure to bring to clean water.

Spring dream book

You feel strong wind gusts bending trees - expect unpleasant news, events that will not allow to carry out the plans.

Summer dream

In this dream book, the wind is raging, demolishing all obstacles - you will see an increase in work.

Children's dream book

A fair wind in a dream symbolizes luck and success in school, in business, family and friends will always be there. According to this dream book, a strong wind in the face, hindering calmly overcoming the path, means an obstacle on the part of ill-wishers, it will be difficult to achieve the goals due to various circumstances.

Female dream book

You see a strong wind in a dream or hear its sounds - do not believe the predictions. Nothing that will tell you about the future, whether it be pleasant news or unpleasant prospects, will not come true.

Family Dream

Wind symbolizes change in life. If it is cold - wait for tests, failures and losses. The warm wind is a precursor of good news and good luck in business, as well as successful circumstances for career development and personal life. You control a yacht in a dream, and the wind helps in this - you will be able to take advantage of the situation and do not miss the chance that is advantageous for you. Feel the wind in the face on the way, which prevents you from overcoming the way - all your efforts to solve problems will be in vain, do not waste your strength in vain.

Erotic dream book

If you go to meet the windy flow - then you want to update or change your love relationship. Hear the wind blow in your ears - do not move away from your chosen one. You are joined by a deep feeling and after parting it will be bad for him and for you. To dream of the wind, strong and noisy, knocks down or lifts into the air - beware of having a tiff with your beloved, be careful in expressions and restrain emotions.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

A strong wind in a dream - problems created by enemies, pushing - friends will help you. Knocks down, carries away - you lose power over yourself, the sea wind - help will come from distant acquaintances, relatives. Quiet - symbolizes true comrades.

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