What is the dream about the accident?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
August 6, 2012
What is the dream about the accident?

What is the dream about the accident? To learn about the interpretation of this dream definitely will not work, as various sources offer their definitions.

For example, in the dream book, Denise Lynn responds - what a dream is happening to - this is: “this is a pointer that warns and recommends to slow down”. That is, you need to assess the situation in your life, understand what you want and what you expect from life. If the accident occurred on the water, then it is necessary to pay attention to emotionality, perhaps, to reconsider their attitude towards something. The collapse of a small aircraft symbolizes the spiritual body of man. Maybe something is wrong with him?

But the "New Family Dream Book" is alarming. The accident, seen in a dream, in which you have fallen, will indicate only unforeseen circumstances awaiting you in real life. Firstly, it will be health related. If you see that you have easily avoided an accident, then this can mean one thing - you can just as easily get out of a difficult and confusing life situation.Becoming a witness to a catastrophe means that unpleasant situations will occur, but you will not be affected in any way. If you saw in a dream only the consequences of an accident, then in life you should not rely on others then there will be no problems.

What is the dream car accident?

A car accident with fiery jets, screaming, panic, even in a dream will frighten anyone. But in real life it will be a warning about the upcoming scandal, quarrel, conflict situation with the collapse of hopes.

The result will be as follows: the dream that has dreamed does not bode well for real.

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