What dreams of a camel

Why dream of a camel - different dream books give their interpretation of such a dream, given its details. The more details you can remember, those will be the most accurate interpretation.

Family dream book

Seeing a camel in a dream is a good omen. Your patience will help overcome difficulties.

You were in a dream the owner of a pack animal - in reality you successfully complete your business.

To recovery and help from the outside, a camel caravan is dreaming.

Modern dream book

A loaded camel indicates that hope cannot be lost, even if it seems that everything is going wrong.

Were in a dream the owner of a camel - in reality you will have a profitable business.

You will do someone else's work if you were sitting on a camel in a dream.

Dead animal spells obstacles in life's path.

The acquisition of camels dreams of a successful transaction and additional income, which will be unexpected.

The dream of a modern woman

To be the master of the pack animal - to successfully conduct business.

To overcome all the obstacles on the way - this is what a camel dreams of a woman.

The caravan of camels in the desert dreams of healing from illness or long-awaited help.

Dream Aesop

Your litigation with a strong opponent will look ridiculous - this is what a camel dreams about in a dream, galloping like a horse.

You will not receive the expected reward for your work if in a dream a camel spat on you.

Several camels symbolize hardworking people in your environment who achieve a lot in life at the cost of their efforts.

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