What dreams of geese in a dream?

Once upon a time, geese lived in every household, and many people came across their unfriendly nature in reality. Today, these birds are more likely to be seen in the wild or in night dreams. Many dream books give their explanations of what geese are in a dream.

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What dreams of geese, dream book
What dreams of geese, dream book

Children's dream book

This interpreter explains the appearance of geese in a dream by future troubles. There will be no open attack, a blow will be delivered on the sly, some of them, perhaps even someone whom they considered to be a close friend.

Russian people's dream book

According to the dream book, geese are associated with pride, arrogance, aplomb. It is necessary to remember how geese behaved in a dream, in real life those who are next to a person who dreamed of a bird will behave this way.

Dream Aesop

The interpretation of the dream book about the white or gray geese is made on the basis of the famous saying "water off a duck's back". A bird appearing in a dream becomes a symbol of a happy outcome, that is, no matter how difficult it may be, a person will be able to win.

The second interpretation is based on Russian fairy tales, in which geese are on the side of good. Therefore, if in a dream, white geese are eaten from a person’s hands, this means that the help of higher powers in affairs is assured.

A goose family swimming in the clear water of a river or lake symbolizes the human family and the relationship between them. Parents, along with the brood - a symbol of a strong family, wealth and well-being.

The meeting with the goose, which is trying to pinch, means that in real life, very soon you will have to face an overly proud man who is ready to “pinch” anyone near you. The appearance of such a proud bird is a warning about the need to be careful and stay away from an arrogant person.

If you dream of a flock of geese, which, at the sight of a person, raise a terrible clamor, this dream may symbolize the imminent danger. As the geese at one time rescued Rome from the enemy, so in a dream they warn of the necessary caution in behavior in the coming days.

Ukrainian dream book

Several other explanations can be found in this interpreter. The cry of geese, according to him, is not a warning about danger, but only a company of gossipers, shouting loudly - a lot of gossip.Another thing, if the same flock will be seen in flight, it means that the person who dreams of a dream, must also prepare for the journey. Although there is a reverse version, that not a person will leave the house, but, on the contrary, guests will come to him.

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