What dreams of leaves on a tree

If you see leaves in a dream, good luck will be with you in all things, and life will be joyful and happy. What else dreams of leaves, tell a dream book.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Leaves in a dream are considered a good sign. Your business will flourish, in business deals luck. If you are in love, passion is in the relationship.

What matters is exactly which leaves dreamed of. Autumn mean unfulfilled dreams. Your mental fatigue and depression - the cause of failure. Leaves of bright color foreshadow a successful completion of affairs. Harvesting leaves suggests that you need to brighten up your leisure time, find new entertainment. Fallen leaves - a bad sign. Your trade will decrease, friends will betray, you will be disappointed in love, you will lose loved ones.

What dreams of dry leaves

Such a dream for a young girl means the abolition of the wedding because of the scandal with her lover. This event will affect you badly, you will be morally and mentally suppressed.

The leaves that fall, entail a series of sad events.You will understand what is good and evil. The line between them will appear more clearly.

Leaf type

Your income will increase, vital energy will increase. At work and in life they expect success.

Why dream of leaves of trees of different types:

  • Laurel. Symbol of creative and business success. You will enjoy the pleasure and financial stability, if you saw the leaves on the laurel tree. And if you collect the leaves of laurel, overcome the enemy.
  • Maple. Means well-being. There will be a period of success in your life. You are waiting for a successful and bargain.
  • Paper. Harmony and tranquility. Things are easy and do not require your intervention.

Emotions also play a role - the sharper they are, the more significant the sleep.

Leaf color

Yellow leaves mean the collapse of the plans, green - promise health and well-being. Fresh foliage - a symbol of a quick successful marriage. White leaves reflect your indecision, red - new romantic relationships, familiarity with the second half.

What dreams about the leaves with which you do something

Collect the leaves in a dream - you will encounter difficulties in life. You are waiting for failure in business, quarrels with loved ones. If you sweep the leaves, you will have an insistent fan who will take care of you.

Dream Miller

Seen leaves symbolize happiness in life and business.If the leaves are faded, you are disturbed by dark hopes. For a girl, such a dream means that she will be thrown by her beloved on the eve of the wedding. If the foliage is green, she will receive a legacy or marry successfully.

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