What is a mixture?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
March 25, 2015
What is a mixture?

Russian language is diverse, and it often happens that the same word has different meanings, because of which the meaning of what has been said changes. We will devote this article to the question of what a mixture is and give examples of the use of this word.

In a general sense, the word "blend" means a combination of various components put together. For example, a mixture of absolutely opposite things is said: “a mixture of a bulldog with a rhinoceros”. Often, mixtures are called various assorted products: nut mix (collecting different types of nuts in the same package), spice mix, baking mix, etc.

Blend in chemistry

For chemists, a mixture is a product of a mechanical compound, mixing several substances into a single substance, in which no new substance appears. In this case, the components are included in the mixture in its original state, that is, they do not change. However, their properties and appearance may change in the process of mixing beyond recognition.

The quality of the mixture to a large extent depends on the mass ratio of the components included in it.So, its color, density, boiling point, useful properties, etc. can change depending on the composition of the mixture. Example of using a word in chemistry: combustible mixture, concrete mix.

Infant formula

Blends are also called special artificial nutrition for children, for example, infant formula, dry mix and others.

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