What is a phenomenon?

February 4, 2015
What is a phenomenon?

The phenomenon is something exceptional and unprecedented. In natural science, under this word it is customary to mean an unusual and memorable phenomenon, a rare fact that is difficult to explain. An outstanding person can also be called a phenomenon. For example, remember that Ludwig van Beethoven, who composed amazing music, being deaf, is a real phenomenon!

By the way, with regard to stress, today they are taken for the correct both options - phenomen and phenomEn (however, in scientific terminology only phenomen is allowed).

Phenomenon in philosophy

The philosophers of the ancient period often used the term "phenomenon", it can be found in a number of authors. By this concept they meant the subject of knowledge. In Plato, the phenomenon is a reflection of the idea, it is opposite to it.

Later philosophy treats this concept as an object that was created by a transcendental, extraneous subject. In Brentano, the definition of a phenomenon plays an extremely important role.By this word they understand everything that is the object of scientific study. So, phenomena are divided into:

  • mental (or internal);
  • physical (or external).

At the same time for personal observations is available exclusively internal conscious experience of man. The phenomenon carries the entire body of knowledge about a particular subject. For the philosopher Husserl, the phenomenon is distinguished by the unity of its contents. This philosopher argued that there are pure contents of consciousness, considered without connection with the material world.

In psychiatry and science

In psychiatry, the word "phenomenon" is usually understood to mean any personal experience. The definition of the phenomenon marked the beginning of the phenomenological approach founded by Jaspers.

As for natural science, here the phenomenon is an unexpected occurrence. The term may also be used separately from consideration of the reasons for such an event.

Phenomena of nature

Nature amazes man with its phenomena. The most mysterious phenomena are listed below:

  • Northern Lights;
  • tubular clouds;
  • penitentes;
  • unauthorized movement of stones;
  • fire tornadoes;
  • sandstorms;
  • rainbow;
  • basaltic layers of geometrically regular shape;
  • the emergence of life on earth;
  • the appearance of people.

Now you know what a phenomenon is and how important this concept is in science, philosophy and psychiatry.

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