What is a thermometer?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
January 30, 2013
What is a thermometer?

Let's look at this article, what is a thermometer? And why is it used in the household? This is a device that serves to measure the temperature. In colloquial slang it is also called a thermometer. All of us, several times a year, especially in the winter season, when the cold comes, suffer from a cold, sore throat, flu, or cough. Especially the number of patients in medical institutions in the fall, when it rains cold and heavy. A cold, of course, smoothly flows into a cough, or sore throat. This is where the "wonderful" symptoms begin. You have a headache, your whole body aches, a runny nose appears, it throws it into a fever, then into a cold .... So what is a thermometer for? That's right. In order to find out the temperature of the body, and on this basis, drink certain medications.

So, inside the thermometer mercury is placed, and if the body temperature is high, then the scale will mix up.

What is the difference between an electronic thermometer and an ordinary thermometer? In the case of an electronic thermometer, the materials change the resistance to electrical current during the heating process.

Wet thermometer (psychrometer)

Let's see what shows a wet thermometer? Psychrometers are usually used to find out the degree of humidity in the air.

They are needed in different organizations. You can consider as an example the pharmacy. After all, for storage of medicines it is necessary to know not only the temperature in the room, but also the humidity of the air. Otherwise, if the storage rules are not followed (humidity is higher than acceptable), the preparation will deteriorate. A wet thermometer is a plastic device. Two scales are placed on it, and a flask with water is attached to the back. At the tip of one of the thermometers attached, one end of the cloth, and the other lowered into a flask of water. In order to measure the temperature and humidity, you need to record the readings from both thermometers and find, on a special scale, the average.

Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer is used to measure temperature without requiring direct contact with the body. With this help you can measure the temperature in water, food, in the air. To measure the body temperature of the baby, you just need to attach a thermometer to the temple. It is convenient in that it shows twenty-five previous measurements, and switches itself off after the temperature has been set.

Digital Thermometer

The safest, most accurate and fastest thermometer is electronic. With it, you can measure the temperature not only under the muscular zone, but also orally and rectally. And it’s enough to take a measurement for a couple of minutes, depending on the place where the measurement will be taken. Since this thermometer does not contain mercury, it is safe to use it to measure the temperature in very small and even infants. Now you know what the thermometer shows, and which thermometer is better and safer.

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