What is better: apartment or house?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
May 22, 2012
What is better: apartment or house?

We started a family, or simply decided to live independently ... We saved money, took a mortgage ... it does not matter ... It is important to choose which is better: an apartment or a house?


Pros and cons of living in your own home:

  1. Neighbors are a plus. In a private house there are none (or there is a minimum amount). Often there is a good audibility in the apartments, which may prevent you from relaxing at your leisure, or you will have to constantly hear the crying of young children, coming from above / below. And no one will be able to "pour" on top.
  2. Area is a plus. The area in the apartment is limited, in the house you can increase or decrease it if you wish. For example, to make an extension, or to finish the second floor.
  3. Having your own yard (plot) is a huge plus. No need to play the game "where to park the car," fear for the children, they can play in their yard. You can also not go to the kebabs, but just call your friends over.
  4. Housing - is a minus. In a private house only you keep order.Accordingly, the repair of pipes, corridor and the rest at their own expense, cleaning the yard from the snow - independently.
  5. Accomplishment is both a plus and a minus. Since it may or may not be. In this case, you can choose: even a shower, even a bath with a boiler, and who wants - and build a bathhouse. But again, all possible problems with plumbing will have to be solved independently.

Pros and cons of living in an apartment:

  1. Housing - is a plus. Everything will be done for you, the garbage will be taken out, the elevator will be repaired, the yard will be removed.
  2. Neighbors - this is a minus. There will always be neighbors with whom it is difficult or impossible to make friends.
  3. Animals are a minus. It is difficult to keep large animals in apartments, they do not have enough space, unlike a private house.
  4. The absence of your yard is a minus.
  5. The presence of amenities, elevator, possibly garages in the house is a plus.

To sum up in general, which is better: an apartment or a house, we can say the following: a house is more suitable for people with a large family who love and know how to work and care for housing, as well as those who love space and freedom. The apartment is the best option for lonely people who do not want to engage in endless repairs, construction, yard refining, as well as people who need constant communication with their neighbors.

Regarding the content - it all depends on the size of the apartment or house.Owners of their own houses pay a tax for the land, and apartments for housing and communal services.

And most importantly - choose where you feel comfortable! So the choice is yours!

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