What is occupation?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 17, 2015
What is occupation?

In historical sources, on TV, and especially on Victory Day, we can hear such a phrase as the "fascist German occupation." What is the occupation and what is its essence?

The word "occupation" comes from the Latin word "occupatio", which means "seizure, occupation." Most of them are used in political and military contexts to designate the location of the state’s forces on a territory that does not belong to that state and a violation of the sovereignty of that state. The main signs of occupation are its temporality, non-recognition by other states, and work with the help of military force. It can be peaceful, post-war and passing during a war.

There are many historical examples where our country was occupied by various forces of neighboring and distant countries.

In a figurative sense, occupation is also called mastering the property of the owner, without the permission and trust of the owner on this ownership.

Occupation should be distinguished from annexation - the forced accession by one state of a part of another state.

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