What is best to drink liquor?

Liqueurs are noble and delicious drinks, but few know how to drink them properly. If you are one of those people, then it's time to correct the situation!

How to drink liqueurs: options

There are several ways to use liqueurs, and each of them is good in its own way, so it is worth considering in detail all possible.

In pure form

To fully appreciate the taste of the drink, it is best to drink it in its pure form. But it is worth remembering that some liqueurs have a high strength (it can reach 30-40 degrees), so you need to be careful.

Rules for the use of liqueurs in pure form:

  • The right temperature. It should be about 13-20 degrees, that is, the liqueur should be cool, but not cold.
  • Suitable packaging. Liqueur should be consumed in small portions, so that the glass should be small in size. Its ideal volume is 45-50 milliliters. In addition, it should be narrow and high on the leg, it will give the opportunity to enjoy even such a small amount of the drink.
  • Filing timeUsually sweet liqueur is served as a digestif, that is, after eating for dessert. But the bitter is desirable to use as an aperitif (that is, before meals) as an appetite-enhancing agent.
  • Strong liqueurs are desirable to drink in one gulp, then there will be a light aftertaste and pleasant warmth.
  • Do not combine these drinks with tobacco, even high-quality and elite.

In diluted form

This method allows you to reduce the strength of the drink, as well as slightly change its taste, for example, to remove excessive bitterness or, conversely, sweetness. Water or ice, various juices, cream and milk, coffee, hot chocolate or even ice cream can be used as a “solvent”.

Some tips:

  • Elite liqueur is best diluted with water, as it reduces the strength, but does not affect the taste.
  • Milk has a bright taste, so not everyone will appreciate this option. It is important to choose the ideal proportion and not to interrupt the taste of the main ingredient.
  • To get a weak, pleasant and fresh drink, use juices.

As part of cocktails

Liqueurs are part of most cocktails and are used as a substitute for syrup, flavoring or even the base. But often the drink itself is lost against the background of other components of the mixture.

With other alcoholic beverages

Mixing the liqueur with another drink (and strong), you will get a less sweet and not so rich in taste, but fragrant and yet strong drink. Usually the rule is used: add the alcohol in the liqueur, on the basis of which it is made. For example, "Baileys" is better to mix with whiskey, and "Cointreau" - with vodka.

Specific cases

What can you drink liquor? Everything will depend on what kind of drink you chose. Below are a few of the most popular and ways to use them.


"Baileys" can be drunk in pure form for dessert, diluted with milk or cream (in this case it is desirable to add ice), and also add to coffee.


"Sheridans" is an expensive and complex liqueur, it can be drunk in the following ways:

  • Flaky Liquor Place a small glass at an angle of approximately 40-45 degrees. Take a bottle so that its part, filled with coffee and chocolate component, is at the top. A thin trickle pour a drink. Drink it through a tube, starting from the bottom layer, or by volley.
  • Mixed way. Put on the bottom of a glass or a glass of ice, pour a drink, shake and drink.
  • Mix the liqueur with coffee or hot chocolate (just a tablespoon on a small cup for flavor and light taste).


“Cointreau” is usually used for making cocktails, because, firstly, it has a pronounced aroma, and secondly, it has a high strength. But you can also drink it in its pure form by adding ice and a slice of citrus fruit, which will emphasize the features of the drink.


“Ameretto” is an aromatic drink, which is why it is most often used as a noble flavoring agent. For example, it can be added to various soft drinks, including hot chocolate and coffee. You can also mix "Amaretto" with "Coke" or orange juice. If desired, you can drink the drink in its pure form, but only with ice.


Sambuca is a kind and strong drink, so it is often used to make cocktails. And sometimes they choose a more exotic way of eating, which involves burning. But you shouldn’t do it yourself, it's dangerous! This can only experienced bartenders.


Malibu liqueur has a pleasant coconut flavor, so it is often used as a flavoring in the preparation of cocktails. But also it is combined with strong drinks, for example, with cognac, whiskey and even vodka.And some prefer to drink "Malibu" with juices (for example, pineapple, cranberry or orange) and milk.


A few recommendations:

  1. Creamy liqueurs should not be diluted with juices, because under the influence of acids, the cream will curl and spoil the taste and appearance of the drink.
  2. Correctly choose snacks. In this case, the rule is: avoid sharp tastes of contrast. It is better, on the contrary, to complement the taste of the liqueur with a snack, which includes the same or similar ingredients. For example, cream drinks are ideally combined with ice cream, whipped cream, cakes. And lighter fruit or berry liqueurs are best complemented by berries or fruits. Main dishes with such drinks in most cases are not combined.
  3. Remember that liquor is a noble drink, and in order not to spoil the impression about it and about the evening, you should not abuse it.

Let the liquor brighten up the evening and give only pleasant emotions!

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