What does a man’s business wardrobe consist of?

Their wardrobe consists of competently selected items, the appearance is impeccable, impeccable and status. Value is everything up to. In particular, this is achieved thanks to a tight dress code. But even in the official business style there is room for expressing one’s “I”.

For those who have just stepped onto the field of the business environment, it’s worthwhile to get acquainted with the recommendations.

Based on these suggestions, you can easily build your own wardrobe.


First of all, you need to understand the importance of quality clothing. A two-piece suit or a three piece tailored to your order will serve the benefit of your development. Adhere to the classic cut - it is appropriate and at a press conference, and at a business lunch, and at a dinner party. As a rule, a jacket with two or three buttons, a lapel with a width of 7.5 to 9 centimeters. The drawing is calm, not screaming. For example:

  • bar;
  • herringbone;
  • pale cell.

It is preferable to buy products from natural wool. Mixed fabrics (polyester and wool fibers) will look no worse.

In some situations, you can combine different jackets and trousers. However, if a person is wearing a solid suit, visually, he seems taller and slimmer than the one on which contrast objects. People of a large complex should give up double-breasted jackets and choose a style with an underlayed shoulders, which visually builds a silhouette.

Business etiquette assumes that the jacket is buttoned on all buttons, unless you are sitting at a table.


Choose shirts that are lighter than your suit and tie. In serious companies, as a rule, white and blue monochrome shirts are allowed by the dress code. Valid with unobtrusive stripes of blue or red. By the way, white color has a better counterpart, causes him confidence - use this technique when communicating with partners.

Workers in less conservative organizations may wear beige, light pink, pistachio shirts. But shirts with short sleeves are extremely undesirable.


Here is one of the main tools for self-expression in a strict wardrobe. Ties can be an infinite set, but when choosing them you should not forget about high quality. The most advantageous and presentable look silk products. They can contrast with the main color of the image. But it is better to refuse screaming, tasteless and humorous options. Butterflies are also not relevant within the workplace.

Dark noble shades harmoniously look:

  • blue;
  • deep green;
  • burgundy;
  • plum, etc.


The image of a business man does not tolerate sports shoes. The best option - leather boots with lacing. They should not be lighter than a suit, so choose classic black or dark brown boots. Why skin? This material is durable and wear-resistant, even small abrasions that may appear over time will give a certain vintage.

Light shoes, light and two-color shoes are considered in many business sectors as too frivolous and not prestigious. Although in certain areas such models are appropriate in combination with a jumper and pants.


With regard to practical accessories, the choice for businessmen is large enough. There are brands that specialize in making classic models. For example, - a young brand,manufacturer of men's leather bags.

Products made of high-quality leather - are not cheap, so it is better to invest in the thing that will be relevant in the next few years. Stake on the traditional form, material quality and classic fit. A clutch bag is a great option if you don’t need to carry around a lot of things. This is a stylish and more presentable analogue of the notorious purses, which it is desirable to remove to the far shelf.

A convenient and reliable satellite of a busy person is a briefcase. The traditional style, but in a new interpretation:

  • concise rectangular and square models;
  • with postman elements to make office outfit more interesting;
  • on a soft frame.

Choose roomy models to keep it from looking overcrowded. Too empty or a full portfolio is one of the main taboos. You can avoid this by using an accessory with rigid sides that hold the shape well.

If you go on a business trip, to meet with business partners and you urgently need a contract or contract, you need a men's leather folder for documents. So that it does not interfere with movement, buy a product with a shoulder strap. In principle, this is a universal style, as it is suitable for storing not only important papers, but also a laptop or tablet.

Important stuff:

  1. Choose a wallet of dark, muted shades from quality material. All seams should be strong, without protruding threads.
  2. Refrain from a large number of rings, especially gold and with large stones. The ideal option: a wedding ring and a restrained signet - one ornament for each hand.
  3. Hide chains under clothes.
  4. Buckle on the belt, cufflinks should be minimal and not defiant.
  5. The optimal length of the raincoat and coat is below the knees.

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