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Amazon Predators

The Amazon is a South American river with a length of 6,992.06 km. Its depth is about 50 m. The area of ​​the Amazon basin is approximately the same as the area of ​​the whole of Australia. In the vast water space of this great river, many different living creatures coexist, most of which have not yet been studied by man. Of those that are known, some are deadly.
Bloodthirsty Piranhas
Piranhas are small fish (their length is no more than 30 cm, and their weight is less than 1 kg), which inspire fear even on crocodiles. The piranha's teeth are in the shape of triangles, and when they are closed, their upper jaw clearly enters the lower jaw, which provides a dead grip from which no prey can escape. A pack of piranhas is able to gnaw an animal’s carcass or body in a matter of minutes to the bone. In the waters of the Amazon, there are about 3,000 species of this bloodthirsty fish, many of which, by the way, are not dangerous to humans.
Black caimans
The Caymans are the main reptiles of the Amazon, one of the largest alligators in South America, their length reaches 4.5 meters.And these predators are dangerous both to animals living in the river and on the banks, and to travelers. The main ration of black caimans is fish, in particular piranha, aquatic vertebrates, sometimes they hunt large animals, livestock. There have been incidents and attacks on people. The crocodile with its powerful jaws and huge tail is capable of severely crippling and killing a person.
Anaconda, or water boa
Anaconda - the world's largest snake, sometimes reaching 11-12 m in length. She practically spends all the time in the river, only occasionally creeping out on the branches of nearby trees in order to bask in the sun. The water snake has no equal opponents, it feeds on various mammals, tapirs, agouti, waterfowl, caimans, turtles. There were cases of eating it by large individuals of jaguars, as well as cases of cannibalism. Attacking with lightning speed, the constrictor bites his prey with his powerful body and strangles it. Then the mouth, which is able to stretch to incredible size, slowly absorbs the carcass. There are not so many cases of anaconda attack on a person; most of them can be explained by the fact that the snake mistakenly took people for its permanent prey, or it defended itself when it was hunted.

Other predatory animals of the Amazon

Of the inhabitants of the Amazon is also a great danger to people:
- river stingrays, which are owners of a poisonous spike on the tail, a person accidentally stepping on the stingray can cause significant harm to an animal;
- bull sharks are the most dangerous sharks in the world, most often other people attack people;
- electric acne, their particular cells are able to create electrical discharges with a capacity of 600 V;
- arapayms - gigantic-sized fish with “armored” scales and numerous teeth, which are even in the tongue;
- Vandea parasite fish, there are cases when it got into the urethra of a person, such cases are not complete without surgical intervention.

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