What is the stock price history

What is the stock price historyThe stock market is so efficient that literally everything that is currently known about a company is reflected in the price of its shares. In other words, the current stock price reflects the combined wisdom of all market participants, including corporate insiders, pension funds, mutual funds, individual investors, equity analysts, fundamental analysts, technicians - and you.


Technical analysis allows you to get a kind of summary of all the fundamental and psychological factors that affect the price of shares. Despite the fact that personally it seems to us that putting all your eggs in one price basket is an unacceptable extreme, some technicians do not even try to evaluate fundamental indicators. Why, if everything is in the price, are people trying to outwit the most cunning?


For a technician, understanding why the price of shares is changing is not so important. To the technician, by and large, it doesn’t matter whether the analyst’s last-ever report of the analyst or the flap of a butterfly in far-off China was the cause of this stock price change.Technique is only interested in two circumstances: what is the price of shares at the moment; what is the stock price history.


Technical analysts examine current prices versus price history to understand what may happen to prices in the near future and plan their actions according to these forecasts. Specialists in fundamental analysis are interested in the question “why they are trying to understand what news causes a specific increase in the price of shares and what kind of insider information makes people get rid of stocks. Technicians are trying to see everything that is reflected in the price of shares, and build their trading strategy only on what they actually managed to see.


You may not know what is causing each fluctuation on the price continuum.

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