What kind of wood is needed for building houses

All natural in our time is in high demand. This also applies to building materials. That is why wood for building a house is so in demand.

Today, both hardwood species (chestnut, oak, etc.) are used for construction, and coniferous (pine, spruce). Experts note that the most valuable wood species grow in northern latitudes.

They are primarily valuable because they grow too slowly, because the summer in these latitudes is short. As a result, it turns out that the distance between the inner rings of the trunk is minimal, and this provides them with good strength.

Plus, the natural resin on such trees acts as an antiseptic.

What is the best wood for building a house?

Today, the most popular material for the construction of wooden houses is pine. Spruce and pine - this is the most affordable version of wood materials.

In the event that you decide to build a house of larch logs, it will cost 45% more expensive. In this case, the logs can be made at the factory or using manual cutting.

Of course, manual cutting is much more valuable, and the cost of such material increases significantly. When building, you can use profiled timber or cylindrical logs.

Order all building materials now via the Internet. As for the most expensive option, this is a house of laminated veneer lumber.

When building a house, people pay attention not only to the physical properties of the material - strength, sound insulation, etc. But also on its attractiveness, that is, on the aesthetic look.

In this regard, the thickness and the presence of knots is of great importance. Pine is primarily remarkable in that the bottom of the trunk it has almost no knots. That is why the lower 8 m of the trunk of its most valued.

If we talk about the profile of the logs, then in our country the most popular is round. However, in order to give it a shape, one side is molded, since it is preferable to have straight walls from the inside.

Protesku logs carried out on one edge.But it is only here, and in most European countries they build houses from logs, which are cut into two edges. It turns out that the walls of the house are straight both outside and inside.

It's no secret that wood is rotting. To provide protection, as a rule, various antiseptics are used.

The surface can be impregnated with a thin layer, and those places where the integrity of the fibers are broken, are treated especially carefully.

You can use the impregnation and to give the tree a certain color, nowadays even colored antiseptics are produced.

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