What pills are there for hair loss

The main thing is to find the cause!

Just take the first available remedies for baldness is meaningless. First of all, it is necessary to establish from what the hair began to fall out, and only then take measures. It is worth paying attention to the brittleness of the nails, which is often a companion to hair loss. You can take a detailed blood test, which may indicate a lack of some important element in the body. The reason can also be nervous disorders, a strict diet, ecology, some medications, poor-quality hair dye and inappropriate shampoo.An interesting fact is that provoking hair loss can start taking contraceptive pills or even cancel them.

What pills are recommended for hair loss?

A popular modern remedy for baldness is the Nutrikap capsules, which include trace elements necessary for the hair - silicon, sulfur, zinc, which help reduce hair breakage and stimulate the growth of new ones.
Vitrum Beauty pills are not contraindicated for men, but they are ideal for women, as they contain essential amino acids and trace elements that are especially effective for restoring female hair.
Pills from hair loss "Rinfoltin", made on the basis of an extract of dwarf palm berries, are aimed at reducing the toxic hormone dihydrotestosterone in the human body, an excess of which often causes male pattern baldness.
In order for the hair to grow “like yeast,” it is often the yeast that is incorporated into the composition of mineral complexes. For example, Merz pills contain yeast extract, which favorably affects the hair roots and delivers the necessary active substances to the scalp.
Hair loss can be a consequence of beriberi, and the use of special vitamin preparations often helps to solve the problem. For example, folten pharma tablets are a fortified complex that stimulates hair growth and improves blood supply to the scalp.The poor condition of the hair in nursing mothers is easy to eliminate by adjusting proper nutrition and drinking through the vitamin complex.

Do not despair and believe in success!

The most important thing at the first signs of hair loss is not to raise panic and do not self-medicate! Acceptance of “red pills that helped a neighbor” can lead to undesirable consequences. Only a doctor, after analyzing all the chronic diseases and peculiarities of the patient's condition, will be able to choose effective medicines that will help get rid of hair loss.

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