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Are you thinking of doing homemade soap, but do not know where to start? First you need to prepare all the necessary raw materials and equipment. To do this, we buy from the list below everything you need to make handmade soap. 1.Soap base(hereinafter referred to as MO).
 Soap base
It is transparent, white and colored. Sold in special stores for soap makers. It is produced by both Russian and foreign companies. Different MO differ from each other in transparency, plasticity, smell, color, action on the skin, foaming and, of course, price. Now they produce MOs that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, or in the form of a cream. There are glowing in the dark MO, there is jelly. Color MO is more expensive than transparent, so this basis is better to do yourself using dyes. 2.Silicone Forms.
 Silicone Forms
Very convenient to use forms for soap.Due to its flexibility, the form is simply turned inside out and removed from the soap as a stocking. The soap can be taken out a little warmer. Forms are bought in the hardware store as “ice molds” or “bakeware molds”. In such stores they are sold with plates, 4-8 identical pieces per sheet. The range is not very big. In soap stores they are sold individually. 3.Plastic Forms.
 Plastic Forms
Their huge variety, for every taste. They are hard and soap can be removed only if it is well frozen. With a strong pressure the form can be broken. 4.Volumetric forms.
 Volumetric Forms
There are still 3D forms. Soap in them turns out "volume". There are such forms of two halves with a hole for pouring the melt. Halves are fastened with a lock. Are at times more expensive than flat forms. 5.Dyes.
Dyes are used very different. There are food dyes, there are mineral pigments, there are neon and gel paints. They are sold both in dry form and already diluted. Concentrated dyes are enough for a few kg of soap. 6.Perfumes.
Cosmetic fragrances are used to give the soap a pleasant smell. There are a lot of them in the stores. You can buy essential oils at the pharmacy and also add them to the soap as fragrances. You can combine smells and create your own fragrance. 7.Melt tanks.
 Melt Tanks
MO is best melted in a microwave oven in thick-walled glass or plastic cups of various capacities . A plaster is glued to the glass, on which it is convenient to mark the level of the melt for a particular form. 8.Stirring Sticks.
 Mixing Sticks
It is safer to mix hot melt with glass or wooden (sushi) chopsticks. It is better to have several such sticks for each color MO. 9.Knives and drills.
 Knives and Drills
 Knives and drills
Chop MO lighter than a large knife, and a notch between the colored layers,the finalization of the finished soap and the correction of small defects are best done with a small knife or even a scalpel. Different round holes make drills of different diameters. 10.Alcohol.
In order to make the multi-colored layers in the soap better cling, use alcohol in a spray. Alcohol (or any antiseptic solution) buy in a pharmacy. 11.Glitters and Mother of Pearl.
 Glitterers and mother-of-pearl
If you add glitters (pearls) or mother-of-pearl of various colors to a transparent MO, then soap get very beautiful, as if glowing and iridescent from the inside. 12.Decor and Stamps.
 Decor and Stamps
 Decor and stamps
Ready soap can be decorated with various decorative elements: toys, poppy seeds, glass beads, etc. You can use various stamps that give beautiful prints on the back of the soap. If you have prepared all this, then it's time to show the world your masterpiece. Successes.

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