What to buy in Tunisia?

December 6, 2012
What to buy in Tunisia?

So, you gathered in Tunisia, and, of course, thinking about what you can buy in Tunisia. What will remind you of the time spent in this exotic country? This is what we discuss.

Shopping in Tunisia

A diverse assortment of goods of local origin, so buy in Tunisia something symbolic, memorable, not difficult.

By the way, a little about the rules. We can take everything you buy from Tunisia, from carpets to fruit. The only exception is an antiquary, in case you bought it not in a specialty store, but with hands. For the rest, there is no prohibition.

Things from Tunisia

  • Tunisian carpets of excellent quality can be purchased in almost any area, and the center of weaving carpets is Kairouan. Handmade, high-quality silk and wool, natural dyes - will allow you to enjoy the carpet for many years.
  • Leather products of high quality and excellent finish can be found in specialized stores. It will be cheaper in the markets, but there is also a lot of chances for faking
  • Ceramics.Different shapes, size plates, bowls will be a good gift for relatives and friends. The original ceramics in the shape of a camel will be a true reminder of Tunisia.
  • Exquisite jewelry made of silver and gold are popular among tourists. Just remember that quality can only promise a specialty store.
  • True expanse to hookah lovers. Shapes, colors, sizes of hookahs affect variability. Just make sure that the selected hookah does not turn out to be decorative, it turns out that you can buy one. If you are interested in a real hookah, we recommend buying tobacco there.
  • You don’t have to talk about souvenirs, you will run up from their abundance, make sure yourself. Drums, pictures, figures, decorative plates - only a small part of this choice.

Treats of Tunisia

  • Dates - the sweetest delicacy of Tunisia. Be sure to please yourself and your family with this purchase (about 5 dinars per kilogram of dates).
  • Olive oil (about 10-15 dinars - 1 liter).
  • Real oriental sweets - blissful yummy.
  • The favorable climate for growing grapes will allow you to purchase excellent quality wine.

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