What to write to her husband?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 8, 2013
What to write to her husband?

Male and female psychologies differ significantly from each other. A man is so constituted that he must always be turned on, they sometimes behave like small children in need of care and affection. They like constant change, so if a woman values ​​her man, she will have to learn how to avoid many mistakes in order not to be like another woman. It is very important to show your husband that you love and appreciate him, this is especially true when he is not around. In this case, the husband can write SMS. You shouldn't call him, it may cause him a feeling of irritation, and he may perceive it as an encroachment on freedom.

What to write to her husband

Consider how to write sms beloved husband.

  • If your husband is not around, for example, he went on a business trip, write to him about how much you miss him. The text of your message should come from the heart, and no one better than you can figure out how to write this phrase.
  • On the birthday of your beloved, you can send him an SMS with good wishes,and you always have the opportunity to send a musical gift in the form of his favorite song.
  • There is no reason to even write for your beloved kind words. If you love your husband and cherish them, you should not hide it and be ashamed. Just sometimes you have to let him feel it. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise excessive obsession can irritate him. And do not forget that a person gets used to the “good” quickly, and this can play a cruel joke with you in the future. Many women, thinking about what to write to her husband, eventually write him laudatory odes borrowed from other people's poems. It's kind of trite. Just write about what really touches you in it. If you feel with him as if behind a stone wall, write to him about it. If you like the way he looks at you, write about it, etc.
  • If you want him to smile, you can use the SMS service and send some funny message.
  • In SMS to your husband, you have every right to write a more frank message that will make his heart beat more often and there will be no barriers for him to rush to you on the wings of love.
  • There are cases when quarrels occur between loved ones. It is generally difficult to argue with men, if the obvious "white", they say "black." It needs female wisdom. To go to reconciliation first, it does not mean to give in, it means to show oneself as a wise woman. You can, for example, write the following phrase: “Forgive, darling, I think I was a bit excited.”
  • And about what to write to her ex-husband, only you and only you should know. The text of your message will depend on the relationship in which you stayed with your husband.

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