What will be fashionable to wear in the fall of 2014

Fashionable clothes for work and publication

Fashion designers continue to shock the audience with bold combinations of colors, textures and shapes. In the world of fashion, borders are erased and bans are lifted, offering women of fashion to renew their wardrobe again.
The main color accents of the fall season of 2014: paper-white, aquamarine, lavender, yellow in different variations, light pink, rich purple, metallic shades, bright orange, deep red.
Simple geometric, symmetrical shapes prevail in fashion collections. When choosing a material, pay attention to mohair, angora, silk, velvet, corduroy, knitwear, latex. Actual will be as plain fabrics, and with different prints and patterns:
Animal motives. Imitation crocodile skin will take root in the fall, not only on boots and coats, but also on skirts and jackets.
Cell. Scottish cell does not lose ground. A light cage in the style of a rustic tablecloth or a commodity Chinese bag will also be popular.
Camouflage. Protective colors migrated from thick trousers to dresses, skirts, coats and blouses.
Goose feet. This pattern remains relevant both on outerwear, and on dresses, trousers, skirts in combination with a fabric of a different texture and color.
Strip. A thin light line on black, typical of men's suits, will favorably emphasize the slender figure of the owner of a dress, trousers, jacket with such a pattern.

Fashionable accents

Designers advise to combine incompatible: chastity and boldness, naivety and militarism, simplicity and pomp. Such combinations are presented in:
- tight belted, closed long dresses and coats with deep cleavage;
- cuts of various shapes along the entire length of the dense fabrics of clothing;
- abundance of down and feathers in the finishing of outerwear and evening dresses;
- jackets, jackets and dresses with hollow shoulders;
- quilted patterns "shanelevskogo" diamond, with vertical, horizontal, curly stitches like on jackets and bags, and on dresses and skirts.
The shoes of the fall season of 2014 are mostly presented with boots-boots and black and white shoes.
The trend of the season will be strap clutches and bags-bags. Elegance fashionable women will complement the gloves to the elbow of the grid, silk, patent leather. In the decoration of any model, from coats to blouses and skirts, there will be shiny rhinestones, sequins, stones and beads.
Following the fashion trends, do not forget to strike a balance between a chic outrageous outfit for publication and clothing that is appropriate for your daily work trip.

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