What you need to know about gel polishes? Home application.

The modern industry of cosmetics is rapidly advancing. Let's remember, even twenty years ago, women painted their nails with monochromatic varnishes, and could not even think that in the future they could decorate them not only with different colors, but also with unique drawings, rhinestones, stickers and modeling. But to everyone it is known that even the most expensive varnishes are able to keep without chipping for just a few days. Moreover, if the hands were constantly under the influence of water, then the sock of such varnish was sharply reduced. Probably no one wants to remember that the application procedure itself brings a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. It is at such moments that a woman becomes “helpless.” All this helplessness lasts about ten minutes (and in rare cases, and longer). After all, if at this time you touch the not dried varnish,then it is smeared. But modern manufacturers of cosmetics have decided to create a stable alternative to conventional varnishes. Long laboratory studies have helped to release the miracle gel polishes. Surely a woman who once used them, never want to return to the usual varnishes. And also gel polishes are able to strengthen the nail plate. Many girls gel polishes are mistakenly called shellacs. But let's forever dispel this myth. The matter is that Sellak is the name of the gel-varnishes of CND, and not the generalized name of the product. In general, in simple terms, a gel polish consists of a lacquer pigmented component and a gel base. It is because of the gel that such coatings can last up to three weeks on the nails. It is easy to apply gel polish, but without a base and top, the gel will simply not stick. On this set it is not necessary to save. After all, it is because of these funds depends on the duration of socks gel polishes. Gel polish is not dried by air, unlike conventional varnishes. For polymerization, a special Led or UV lamp is needed. Also on sale appeared compact Led flashlights. Of course, it's best to use the Led lamp,it polymerizes the gel polish for thirty seconds. Drying takes about two minutes in a UV lamp. LED Led flashlight will dry the gel polish in one minute. The minus of the flashlights is that each nail should be dried separately. Step-by-step application of gel varnishes + water slider design at home First you need to prepare the nail plate. Baf neatly cut down the top layer of the nail. But do not overdo it. This is done to remove the gloss from the nail for a better grip of the material.
 prepare the nail plate
The next step is to degrease. To do this, you can use special tools, or the usual medical alcohol.
Apply the base and dry in a lamp or with a flashlight.
 Apply the base
Apply the base
 apply gel polish itself
applied layer
Next, you should apply gel polish itself. A layer that must be very thin. The number of applied layers will depend on the pigmentation of gel polishes.
 with stickers and cut
Each applied layer must be polymerized in a lamp. The tips of the nails need to be sealed with the base, gel and varnishes top.
 with stickers and cut
 drying in a lamp
Shaving a slider with stickers and cut.
 Put them in water
 smoothing folds and
Remove the protective film. This must be done, because the manicure simply will not work. Put them in the water.
 cut with a file
Then with a neat movement remove the backing paper and glue on nail,smoothing folds.
 dry in the lamp
We cut off the remnants of the sticker with a file.
cut with the file
Apply a layer of stamp and dry in the lamp.
 dry in the lamp
 polymerize in a lamp
It should be remembered that some tops have a sticky layer that must be removed by special means. The base, top or gel polish itself should not get on the cuticle or skin . After all, this will entail flaking of the coating.
 Applying gel polish at home

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