When watering cucumbers in the greenhouse, in the morning or in the evening

Cucumbers do not like the lack of moisture, and its overabundance, therefore, in order for the culture to feel good and produce tasty and juicy fruits, it is necessary to maintain the average soil moisture. It is worth noting that frequent over-wetting of the soil leads to deformation of the fruits (they become pear-shaped or hook-shaped), the death of the shoots, rotting of the stems, and the risk of infection with fungal diseases increases significantly.

It is important to water cucumbers at the same time, while maintaining a reasonable dosage. You can not allow too much fluctuation in soil moisture, as this inhibits the root system, which leads to shrinkage of plants, dropping the ovaries culture and other things. From the above, we can conclude that it is unacceptable to water cucumbers when you want, it is important to make sure that the culture really needs it. And for this it is enough to examine the leaves of cucumbers, analyze the condition of the soil around the seedlings.

Now for the watering time. Naturally, you can not water the plants during the day, especially in sunny weather, as droplets of water remaining on the leaves, during the activity of the sun can leave burns. This suggests the conclusion that it is better to carry out the procedure either in the early morning or in the evening. However, if you hesitate between choosing the "right" time, then prefer the "evening" option. It is known that I rest cucumbers in the afternoon, but after sunset, at night, they actively grow, and it is in the dark that they need moisture and nutrients. Also, do not forget to leave the doors of the greenhouse for hours 5-7 open after irrigation so that the excess moisture can evaporate. This will save plants from many fungal diseases.

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