Where to put the humidifier

Place the humidifier on a flat, stable surface. Manufacturers recommend placing these climatic devices at a level from 50 cm to 1 meter from the floor; in this case, the humidification of the air will be more uniform, in addition, it will save the device itself from pollution. And if there are young children at home, then devices with hot humidification may be unsafe. Therefore, in this case, put them even higher - on the dresser, a wide window sill or cabinet.
When installing a humidifier, direct its steam so that it does not fall on the walls, books, flowers, equipment, furniture, electrical appliances - cold steam will leave whitish streaks on things, which will spoil their aesthetic appearance, hot steam will spoil the thing completely. It is also not necessary to direct the steam to the crib and the child’s sleeping or play area, but for security reasons. Steam must flow freely into the air, moisten it evenly and dissolve in it.
Conventional devices, humidifiers give up to 300 ml of moisture per hour, while the electricity consumes about the same as a regular light bulb consumes - 20-50 watts. In order for the evaporation to go more actively, put a humidifier near the battery or the heater is turned on. In this case, a wet barrier will create a dried air.

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