Where to put your dog on vacation

The best option would be if you can leave the dog with a person whom she knows well - your relative or friend, who is often at your home and who likes a dog. Ideally, a person should temporarily move into your apartment. Being with a friend, the dog will feel more confident. In addition, a loved one will know the nature of the dog and the care of it, which will help him quickly find a common language with your pet.
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Perhaps you have acquaintances living in the village who would agree to shelter a dog. Then a vacation would be an adventure not only for you, but also for the animal. Uncharted territories, unfamiliar smells, meetings with hitherto unseen animals - chickens, ducks, goats, cows will take all the attention of your dog, and it will simply have no time to be bored. This option may not be suitable for pocket dogs, which are used to spending all the time at home, but if your dog is active and inquisitive, he will certainly appreciate this overexposure.Before you transfer the dog to the village, treat it from the parasites and make sure that it can not escape from the site - correct the fence, strengthen the gate.
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In the newspapers and on the websites you can find announcements about the services of keeping animals for pets and temporarily transfer your dog to a stranger. Before making a decision, offer to meet with the one who made the announcement. Observe if the dog will like this person. It is important that the one who offers this service knows who he will have to deal with. As a rule, people who are engaged in over-keeping dogs have several animals in the apartment at the same time. Make sure that your dog has been given the necessary vaccinations, and specify whether the rest of the guests. Go on a tour with your dog and see which animals are still kept in the overexposure, whether your pet can get along with them.
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In many cities there are hotels for animals, where the owner, who needs to leave, can leave his animal. If you decide to leave the dog in the hotel, make sure that she has the appropriate license and that all sanitary norms are observed.In addition to standard walking and feeding, you can order additional procedures for your pet.

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