Where to sell a dress

Offer the dress you don't need to your friends and acquaintances, naturally, at a reduced price to seduce them to buy. Perhaps they will like it and sit perfectly on the figure. Well, if not, they can tell other ladies about the thing being sold. Such "word of mouth" often helps out in such situations.
Place information about the dress you are selling on your own page on social networks or on free classified sites. This is one of the most effective ways to sell, because your ad will read a lot of people. And so that your thing quickly found a new owner, beautifully photograph it on yourself and describe in detail. In this case, be sure to indicate what you are selling at a discount, whether the dress is in good condition, whether it was worn at all.
Place an ad for the sale of dresses in the local newspaper. True, this method is more suitable for the implementation of a wedding or evening dress. Since you will have to pay for the ad, think it over in advance to accommodate a smaller number of words and at the same time provide all the necessary information: product name, size, color, price and telephone.If space remains, you can specify the size of the discount, as well as the fact that the dress is in good condition.
If you have never worn a dress, try selling it to a store. Your idea will have a greater chance of success if you do not go to branded boutiques, but to small private shops, for example, located in the basements of residential buildings. Naturally, you need to communicate not with the seller, but with the hostess. At the same time, do not forget about cost reduction - few people will buy a dress from their hands at a high price.
Hand over dress to commission shop. Of course, they will pay quite a bit there for him, but they will surely accept him. To do this, the dress must be brought into its proper form: clean or wash, iron and gently fold.

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