White-wing gliders, ceiling tile airplane

Recently, small models of EPP gliders began to appear in toy stores, in other words, from ceiling tiles. Of course, such a toy beautifully flies, can withstand many flights and it can be launched everywhere, but prices bite-9 dollars apiece. But you can make a homemade model by spending no more than 30 rubles on the plane! So, let's start to sculpt your toy.
 butterfly model
Materials: * ceiling tile without embossed pattern * PVA glue * pine rail 4x4 mm * buttons * clothespins clothes * pins or needles * templates * pens, markers, etc. * stationery knife* small skin on a bar * plasticine
 cut templates
you first need to print and cut templates for amoleta.
It is desirable to print the printout to the cardboard.Then attach them to the tile, fix it with buttons and draw a wing, stabilizer and keel.
 cut out
 do not touch the blank lines
After remove the templates and cut out with a stationery knife (or medical scalpel) with an allowance of 1-2 mm of the workpiece.

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