Who are the killer bees

The story of the appearance of killer bees

Back in 1956, the Brazilian entomologist and geneticist Warwick Kerr developed a new type of honeybee, the so-called "Africanized" bee. In the course of observations and experiments with the African variety of insects, he discovered that the latter possesses the properties that are lacking in relatives: it works longer, flies farther, it differs in endurance and honey gives many times more.
Warwick worked on the crossing of bees to produce an improved species that could work in difficult Brazilian conditions. And soon after the discovery of the wonderful properties of the African bee, its hybrids with European species were created. The maintenance of these insects was under strict control until one unwary beekeeper from a neighboring apiary let the bees free.

Difficult character of killer bees

With all its unique features, the miracle bee has a very wayward character: it is aggressive, strong, and its poison is more dangerous than that of other relatives.Currently, several hundred deaths of people from African bees are known. No wonder that they are given the nickname - "killer bees."
Hybrid insects attack living creatures within a radius of 5 meters and pursue the victim for half a kilometer. Bred in Brazil, they have already survived the aboriginal bees from South America and continue to move to the north of the continent with perseverance, representing a great threat to people's health and life.
Attempts by the Brazilians to destroy the unsuccessful and dangerous hybrid turned out to be in vain, since the killer bees multiplied many times faster than they had time to destroy. As a result, the bee received further distribution, and the extraordinary endurance helped it, and the emphasis was placed on the creation of the species.This insect attacks on everything moving, including livestock, poultry, and the most terrible - on humans.
At the moment, the continued spread of the hybrid threatens to reduce the production of honey, and also undermines the agriculture of Americans, since the reproduction of many crops depends on the pollination of bees, and for this purpose it is dangerous to use killer bees.

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