Who beat Kim Kardashian on Instagram?

Recipes for the popularity of photos in social networks are known: the more sex (read, naked body and expressive postures), the outrage or scandal - the better. However, it seems, Kim Kardashian and others like her so overfed the public with vulgarity and banality that you want something more tender, light, truly romantic and beautiful. A picture published by pop singer Selena Gomez, just from such. A girl with a semi-thoughtful smile and a luxurious chestnut shock drank a Coke through a straw - it would seem nothing special. But this photo has some kind of absolutely summer magic: in two weeks it gained 4.2 million likes, which was an absolute record in the entire history of Instagram.

Photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)Jun 25 2016 at 2:03 PDT

The singer's photo was signed as follows: "When your songs are on the bottle." Take a closer look: the “You are the spark” line runs from the hit Gomez Me & The Rhythm on the label.

Me & The Rhythm video clip:

Before Selena, the title of King of Instagram was worn by Justin Bieber: his picture with his ex-lover was enthusiastically appreciated by 3.7 million subscribers.However, fans of Gomez and this is not enough - they, wanting to increase the separation of favorites from the "competitors", launched the hashtag # 5millionforselena, calling, as you understood, to bring the number of likes of her photo to 5 million.

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