Why do they say "walk by gogol"

Names of famous people often remain in history, becoming nominative. They are part of various idioms: phraseological units, proverbs and aphorisms. However, sometimes seemingly obvious associations with a certain person have no basis, and only by chance coincidence do they relate to each other.

Why go exactly gogol?

The name of the writer is known to everyone, but few know that Gogol also is a breed of wild duck. For birds from this family, a certain gait is characteristic, which formed the basis of a phraseological unit. When these ducks are on land, they walk very slowly, waddle. At the same time they throw his head back and stick out his chest.
It looks as if the bird is very important, proudly walking along the shore. It was this majestic walk that led to the fact that the phrase “walk by naked” began to be applied to people whose manner of walking is visually similar to that of naked.Most often we are talking about those who turn up their noses and look down on everyone, demonstratively showing their superiority.
So it can be said about any dandy dressed up, because the male duck-gogol is extremely beautiful, its plumage is called the parade. The male of this species has black and white vestments, and on the sides of a large black head - round spots-coins. It looks very bright and catchy.
Therefore, this expression can not have any relation to the writer Gogol, not only because it is a duck - a famous writer, according to contemporaries, was an example of modesty, even shyness.

Gogol ordinary

Wild gogols are very peculiar birds. These are one of the few ducks that prefer to build their nests not in the reeds, closer to the water, but nest in the trees. And their homes are at a height of 10 meters. They live either in hollow trees, or in special birdhouses, Gogolyatnya, which people equip for them. At the same time, the proximity of any water body is not basic for them - the main thing is to have a hollow.
Having hatched from eggs, ducklings jump out of their shelter on the ground and run at a run to the water after their mother.There is the further life of these diving ducks.
By the way, the famous dessert eggnog to a great writer also has nothing to do - he did not invent it.

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