Why do women live longer

One of the factors highlighted is psychological. Yes, men are better developed physically, they are much stronger and stronger. But in terms of psychology, they give odds to women. It is sometimes impossible for a man to endure the problems, anxieties and troubles that a woman can bear. Firstly, because of this, the number of male suicides is high. Secondly, because of too low interest in their own troubles, men often neglect the advice of doctors and their state of health. And the diseases that develop as a result of this, they are killed. Because of the same consequences, it harms men and the desire to manifest their strength and masculine essence. "Boys" not only do not cry, but suffer, do not complain and do not pay attention to the symptoms. Diseases are progressing, male mortality is higher. In the modern world, car accidents are a frequent cause of death. And, despite the skepticism of men to the ladies behind the wheel, the latter happens much less trouble. After all, a woman follows the situation, is able to soberly assess it, does not show her character in the form of boyish competitions and revenge (“He cut me down - you will have to take revenge on the same”). Although many people smoke and consume alcoholwomenamong men, these habits are much more common. They are another cause of early male mortality. Of course, a smoked cigarette or a beer drunk with friends will not be killed immediately. But smoking leads to lung cancer, regular alcohol consumption disables all internal organs. Todaywomenoccupy high positions, actively moving up the career ladder. But this has become the norm only recently. Previously, a similar account was considered only male. A huge responsibility, persistent problems lead to disorders of the nervous system.

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