Why does a yellow patina appear on the tongue

If you have a plaque on your tongue for the first time after drinking coffee, tea, smoking, then with normal digestion after brushing your teeth and tongue, the plaque disappears or wears a faint tint due to the presence of dyes contained in beverages or products.
If you have cleaned your tongue and teeth, and after a few hours a thick and friable yellow patina formed again, then this is already an occasion to see a doctor. You will receive a complete medical examination of the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, and will be referred to general and biochemical blood tests.
Depending on the results of the examination, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. Plaque may appear in the initial form of jaundice. In this case, it is thick, more pronounced on the root zone of the tongue, is not removed when cleaning the tongue, or is removed for a very short period of time and appears again.
In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,gastritis with high or low acidity, with a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer tongue may be covered with a thick layer of yellow plaque. This is especially pronounced in the morning or after a violation of the diet and diet.
If, in addition to plaque, you are disturbed by poor digestion, pain in the right hypochondrium, nausea, vomiting is periodically present and the body temperature rises, then plaque may be associated with diseases of the liver or gall bladder. The cause of the plaque is a poor flow of bile. Enough to follow a diet, drink choleretic drugs or herbs and the problem will disappear in 2-3 weeks. If gallstones are detected, the doctor will prescribe an operation, since a bad outflow of bile can be associated with filling the gallbladder with cholesterol deposits.

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