Why dream break a tooth in a dream

What it means to break a tooth in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. The interpretation of this dream can be different - it all depends on the details that the dreamer was able to see.

Dream interpretation Felomena

Instituting unforeseen circumstances can cause serious damage - that’s what a dream might dream of breaking a tooth. Older people need to be careful to avoid serious injuries.

If in a dream you broke a tooth - in real life, portable loads can adversely affect your health.

Interpretation dreams with the details

It is necessary to beware of unkind events and quarrels with a good acquaintance — this is why break a tooth in a dream, but not see blood. Unfortunately, reconciliation after this conflict may not be - friendship will come to an end.

Night dreams, in which a tooth broke and you see blood, portend a serious illness in someone from your family.

Get ready to receive negative news or to meet unpleasant people in reality, if you have lost or broken a tooth in a dream.Perhaps you face a series of failures.

Nayavu there will be changes - this is the interpretation of the dream, in which the tooth broke in half. New life will be very different from the previous one.

If in night dreams you saw a broken front tooth, then in reality, acquaintances may deceive you. You will lose control over what is happening.

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