Why dream of an angry dog?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 19, 2015
Why dream of an angry dog?

Evil dog can be seen not only in real life, but also in a dream. But what does such a dream foreshadow? This will help to clarify interpretations of popular dream books.

Small Veles dream

Understand why dream of an evil dog, will help Lesser Veles dream book. If the animal was in your territory, then wait for a quarrel with loved ones. If you saw an evil dog in a dream, coming to friends, then in real life you have an enemy. He will slander you and ruin your life. If the angry dog ​​was white, then you will have misunderstandings with your partner. Seeing a black aggressive animal is a good job offer.

Russian people's dream book

If in a dream an angry dog ​​attacked you, then you should prepare for problems at work. If you beat an animal, then in real life there are a lot of difficulties to overcome. To see how an angry dog ​​attacks a person - to shameful love. If she was in your house - to the envy of the neighbors who will give you a lot of problems in the future.

Gypsy dream book

Angry dog, suddenly appeared in your yard, foreshadows changes in life. If you saw her on the road, then soon you will have a friend, but later he will show himself from the worst side. Chasing a wicked dog in a dream is off - to receive an expensive gift.

Dream book writer Aesop

To dream of an angry dog ​​eating raw meat - for profit. If she barked and rushed at you - to treason partner. To dream of someone trying to get around an evil dog - to bad intentions. If she bit you, then in real life you will have to endure the betrayal of your relatives.

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