What is the sky dreaming of?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 18, 2015
What is the sky dreaming of?

The sky in real life is associated with something bright, sublime, inspiring. Especially good at heart, when overhead clear sky.

And why the sky? Let's see.

The following are interpretations from the Miller, Freud and the Gypsy dream book.

Dream Miller

According to Miller’s dream book, in a dream in which the sky appears, the main thing is to pay attention to how it looks. If it is clear and clean, some exceptional honors or a bright journey in a beautiful society are waiting for you. If the sky is overcast, the dream warns about broken hopes and insults.

The crimson sky - a symbol of rebellion, some kind of public unrest. The starry sky is a sign that you face a difficult test, a struggle, but you can successfully cope with it.

Freund's Dream

Freud's dream interpretation says - a clear sky in a dream means that everything in your personal life is beautiful and you feel it, and this concerns not so much a spiritual connection, but a physical one. At the same time, the dream warns: the time of serenity may not be long, and therefore enjoy it to the maximum.

If you see an overcast sky, this suggests that in reality you have cause for concern, however, in your opinion, this reason is not related to your personal life, but this opinion is wrong - as soon as the relationship with your partner gets better, everything will turn to their places.

The starry sky dreams of a romantic meeting, a new novel, and it can be very successful if you can just relax and have fun.

Gypsy dream book

According to the gypsy dream-book, a clear sky in a dream promises to patients the recovery, going on the road - an easy road, dreaming - fulfilling desires, wanting to meet love - the emergence of a new partner. The sky is overcast, on the contrary, it dreams of failures and illnesses. If you dreamed of a starry sky - you will patronize the overbearing person.

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