Why is left-handed more brilliant, but more pessimistic than right-handed

Left-handed people differ from right-handers not only because they hold a pen and spoon with their left hand, there are much more differences. The fact that those and others are leading different hemispheres of the brain, leads to the fact that they even think differently.

August 13 - Day of left-handed. In honor of this event, we decided to find out how left-handers are different from right-handers and which celebrity writes with his left hand.

Left-handed people existed always and everywhere, but in different countries they were treated differently. For example, in ancient Greece it was believed that a left-handed person is related to the gods and therefore is able to bring happiness. Almost the same thought Chinese and Indians. Medieval Europe was not particularly tolerant, so left-handers were suspected of conspiring with the devil, accused of all mortal sins, and subjected to terrible torture. In ancient Russia, left-handers were not allowed to testify in court.

In the 20th century, violent retraining was a torture for left-handers - they were forced to write with their right hand. This happened in the Soviet Union.But then scientists found out that this practice is harmful, it is contrary to the laws of nature, leads to a delay in development, mental deviations and other negative phenomena.

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So, how are left-handers different from right-handers?

  • Right-handed works for the left hemisphere, it is called rational-logical. In left-handers, the right brain is the leading one. It is called emotional. It is responsible for figurative thinking, perception of art, imagination.
  • As a result, left-handers much more often, right-handers come up with something non-standard. By the way, to write "Alice through the looking-glass" and come up with a smile of the Cheshire cat, which remains when he and a trace of a cold, could only lefty Lewis Carroll. Agree, this is not everyone comes to mind.
  • In difficult situations, left-handers are slower than right-handers, they find a way to solve the problem, but they get it more original.
  • Scientists have found that the left and right hemispheres are divided between the processing of positive and negative emotions. The result is that right-handers are more optimistic, while left-handers are pessimistic. They are more impressionable, excitable, subject to emotional outbursts and a sharp change in mood.
  • The left-handed people are worse off in the exact sciences, but they are one step ahead in art and sport.
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Most devices at all times make a right-handed people: mechanical meat grinders, sewing machines, most cars and many others, thereby causing some discomfort left-handed members of humanity. Therefore, left-handers often have to train their right arm, and this develops the left hemisphere, so the brain has to work more or less. Consequently, left-handers adapt perfectly to the world and get used to inconvenience.

The most famous left-handers: Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Mozart, Michelangelo, Nikolai Leskov (writer, author of "Lefty"), Vladimir Dahl, Leo Tolstoy, Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Garry Kasparov, Victor Sukhorukov, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates and many others.

What do psychologists say about left-handers and are there any special recommendations for the use and education of left-handed children?

Irina Ivanova, psychologist:

What should not be done in any case is to engage in retraining, since this process is a real violence for the baby’s brain.As a result, the child will experience a delay in speech development, and various speech therapy problems will appear. In addition, one should not focus on the child's left-handedness. Neither he nor those around him should see anything unusual in this. Otherwise, the child may form a low self-esteem, shyness and life scenario of a loser. Children left-handed especially vulnerable and impressionable. If you shout at them, they will close in on themselves and lose contact with their parents.

There is a video test that helps to determine which hemisphere of your brain is working to a greater extent. Look in which direction the rotation of the girl takes place.

If you see that the girl is moving clockwise, then you have a more developed left hemisphere (logic, analysis), counterclockwise - right (emotions, intuition).

By the way, focusing, you can change the direction of the girl. If this is obtained fairly easily, then both your hemispheres are harmoniously balanced. Those with whom a girl rarely changes the direction of movement (or does not change at all) are people of a more practical, rational warehouse with a dominant left hemisphere of the brain.

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