What to wear red coat?

The fur coat is the dream of almost every woman. But it's not everyone who will decide to buy a color one, because it's not only a trendy thing, but also clothes that require from the owner of a sense of proportion and the concept of the right color combinations. So, for example, the outer clothing made of red fur will noticeably excrete you from the crowd, so you should be ready for everyone's attention. Let's see what you can wear with such a detail of the wardrobe?

We paint gray weekdays

Most bright models are sewn from artificial material. This allows you to buy a stylish thing even for women with an average income, because the approximate price fluctuates between 3-6 thousand rubles. Such a fur is often allowed to be washed even in a typewriter, so there will be no problems with wasting money for dry cleaning.

But if you prefer only natural materials, then among the variety of "soft gold" you can find and colored wool raccoon, sable, fox and even foxes. Stop your choice better on models with medium and long nap.

With what to combine?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the red color itself is quite aggressive, so accessories and clothing should be restrained if you do not want to look ridiculous.

  1. The best option for creating an ensemble is a dark color (black, dark brown, deep blue). It is better if it is a straight cut, as in the photo.
  2. The game of textures. Nobody canceled bold experiments, and girls can quite put on a red fur coat with a light chiffon dress. But of course this outfit will be inappropriate in the cold.
  3. Jeans - not the best option to create a trendy bow, it is better to opt for narrow-cut pants or leggings.
  4. Accessories. One of the simplest and most successful for a bright fur coat is a wide belt. He focuses attention on the waist line and will make the volumetric top more accurate. But keep in mind that constantly wearing a belt is not recommended, because over time, the fur under it will be rubbed and crushed.

By the way, you should pay attention to makeup. It is better if it is as natural as possible. The best option - style nude, but some negligence in the hair is permissible.

The red coat is a loud statement about yourself, because such a thing shows a bold and self-confident girl who not only knows how to shock, but also competently creates fashionable images.

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