What can I wear with a stylish wrap skirt?

The wraparound skirt is considered one of the most original models among all that have ever existed. Its distinctive feature is a special element that gives originality, individuality and sexuality to every girl who chooses such an element of wardrobe.

The versatility of the odor makes it possible to apply it in a variety of styles. It looks great on both a tulip skirt and low waist models, and it can be easily used on a skirt-shorts, as in the photo.

Skirts that have such a component can be of different lengths, from mini to maxi, narrow and wide, have inside and outside pockets, side folds, darts, and other variations of decorative details.

Due to such a variety of models, these skirts are suitable for working in the office, walking in the park, a solemn occasion, going to a restaurant, and also for a party. This skirt can be sewn of material of different textures, which is why you can easily choose the right one for both the cold season and the sunny weather.

If you prefer a certain color in clothes, then you will not be hard to find a model in your favorite range. Summer options are often sewn from light thin fabrics of bright colors and with multi-colored prints. Winter, on the contrary, will be dense texture, pastel and dark shades, with drawings in the form of a cell, wide stripes or monophonic.

Model features

The great advantage is that this style visually reduces the amount of hips. It is for this reason that beautiful owners of large uniforms can wear a skirt. If you get such a model, it will visually make you more slim.

If you want to slightly increase the hips, so that they stand out against the background of wide shoulders, you should choose the option with the smell of A-silhouette. Such draping will be able to hide figure flaws by increasing the lower part of the body against the background of the upper one.

If you can not boast a narrow waist, then stop your choice at a low waist. This option will be able to perfectly hide a small tummy, so women in the position who do not want to advertise their new status can choose it.

A long skirt will suit those fashionable women who do not want to show off their feet or can not boast of beautiful calves. One of the advantages of this model is that it gives an image of mystery and romance, and you will look fashionable and elegant.

What to wear?

Since the smell gives the skirt a small amount, then the top for such clothes should be chosen less free cut. You can choose a turtleneck, tight T-shirt, T-shirt, top, light sweater.

If you choose a set for the office, then stop your choice on a classic-cut blouse or a fitted jacket. The skirt can choose any length, from midi to maxi.

If you want to spend time walking around the city, then a wide coat of wide cut in the cold season and a tight blouse in the summer, as well as a warm spring will be perfect.

Beautiful and stylish with similar models looks shoes in a classic style. Heel can be of any length depending on the cut of the skirt. Maxi go well with boats, ballet shoes, sandals, sandals, shale at low speed. At the same time, the mini boots are perfect for jackboots, as well as a high heel.

As for the shoe material, in this case you have no restrictions at all. You can choose suede boots, leather shoes, rag ballet shoes and boots with fur trim. A worn skirt is ideal for any model, no matter what you try to combine it.

A thin strap on a summer skirt and a thick belt on a winter one will be a good addition to your image. As for jewelry, you can choose any, as long as they fit into the overall ensemble that you want to create.

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