With what to wear blouses to be the most fashionable? (15 photo)

It is always fashionable, stylish and diverse to look - the dream of almost every other woman who, unfortunately, is not always real in conditions of limited financial means, as well as standard wardrobes, which do not fit anymore.

Of course, every day a new bow is, of course, beautiful, but very difficult, although, if you choose the right things in your wardrobe, it is quite possible!

Beautiful and relevant

Women's blouses, which are again at the peak of popularity, are exactly that universal thing, which does not take much space, and can be easily combined with almost any clothing, allowing its owner to change every day!

Sweatshirts are one of the most popular and popular types of clothing, because not only girls and girls, but also women and even grandmothers can wear them! A rich variety of styles, materials and decor allow you to create the most diverse models that will be combined with the taste preferences of all different ages and fashion habits.

The most interesting thing is that each model will be in its own way attractive, interesting and unique, it is easy to combine it with an established style, only emphasizing a particular image and complementing it with complete perfection.

By the way, it is believed that just a regular sweater is a very extensive concept, which includes a type of clothing with a full-length fastener;

Warm and beautiful

What is interesting, but most of its derivatives today are more known and popular than the jacket itself, which since its inception has gone through countless transformations.

In the modern world, women's blouse is almost one of the most popular items of clothing, the only question that arises among the fair sex is to wear fashionable blouses, because the correct and successful combination of clothes is 95% of the entire image's success!

Women's sweaters - it is fashionable, stylish, relevant!

In fact, in the wardrobe of the real woman of fashion there should be at least 2-3 models of sweaters, which will be radically different from each other not only in color, but also in style, material.Such assistants will accurately cope with the creation of the most diverse and unusual daily images.

One of the most popular models lately is a cardigan, so practical, stylish and elegant element of women's wardrobe harmoniously fits into almost any situation.

Here is an option

Such a unique thing that can skillfully emphasize all the advantages of a female figure, depending on its type, can be chosen in one of four basic styles: long, short, tight-fitting figure or loose.

Depending on the season of the year, you can dress in a warm and cozy knitted cardigan, or throw on a knitted, light and developing in the wind, which will fit into warm summer or autumn evenings.

Stylists recommend warm long cardigans to combine with narrow or straight jeans, leggings, in fact, they look great in combination with any women's clothing, waving warm and heavy woolen, knitted dresses. From shoes, you can choose boots-boots, heeled shoes or ankle boots.

For young beauties

Summer cardigans, light and graceful, look great on top of a top or a bright T-shirt, loose models with buttons look great as an independent element that can be combined with shorts or short straight skirt.

The season's advice is to combine a long sweater or cardigan with a thin strap at the waist, which will give the image an extra grace and charm.

Women's volume blouses

If this season is to choose between the usual fitted models and the newly introduced volumetric styles, then you definitely need to make your choice in favor of the latter, because they are at the peak of their popularity.

Beautiful voluminous sweaters with unusual draperies, prints and a wide neckline, which opens one shoulder, look very bright on a miniature female figure.

The volume is in fashion

The contrasting combination of thin arms and voluminous sleeves creates a very interesting spectacle, such models are ideally combined with straight and narrow jeans or trousers, pencil skirt, and long loose skirts!

This season, the designers have placed a special emphasis on such an unusual combination: a volume sweater, preferably with a fashionable fleece, and a light long female skirt. So those ladies who are not afraid of extravagant combinations can safely create such images that will not leave you without attention of others.

Fitted models

Fitted and tight women's blouses,although they have faded into the background this season, they still remain popular, especially among girls who want to emphasize the virtues of their figure, because with the help of such models this can be done as well as possible.

Openwork option

They can be made of lace knitting, fine jersey of calm colors, rich lace or large knitting, choose a model with buttons or with a zipper, hooks or ties - a matter of personal preference.

Appropriate in any way

Such feminine sweaters are best combined with light dresses, skirts and sarafans of medium length, which are slightly flared or sufficiently voluminous downwards. Nice-looking sweaters look good with straight dresses, jeans or pants, in color it can either contain the basic tones of the whole image, or contrast with them.

How to choose a jacket according to your figure?

Any thing, regardless of its purpose and style, must necessarily perfectly emphasize the dignity of your figure, only in this case it will look truly stylish and elegant. How to choose a jacket on a figure?

  • Girls who are the owners of a “boyish” figure, that is, the width of the waist and hips are approximately the same, you need to adjust the volume of the pelvis to make the figure more feminine.In this case, such free and voluminous models that are popular this season will not come to the rescue. It is better to abandon bright prints and huge patterns, and give preference to light draperies and monochromatic colors.
  • Girls with the “apple” figure will have to hide a full tummy, this can be done if you wear A-shaped sweaters with a deep neckline that will accentuate your big breasts, shifting the accents from the prominent tummy and missing waist.
  • Girls who are lucky with a fairly balanced hourglass figure can experiment with almost any style and model, but in order to further emphasize the busty chest and focus on the waist, choose a V-neck sweater with a thin belt or wide elastic band at the waist.
  • With a figure like “pear” (wide hips, narrow shoulders) it is necessary to focus on the upper part, choosing jackets with sleeves-lanterns or additional ruffles, draperies on the collar.

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