Women's Facial Hair: Effective Ways to Remove

Many women face the problem of eliminating unwanted facial hair. The appearance of hairs is associated with an increase in the concentration level of the male sex hormones - androgens. Other factors include menopause, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, taking drugs with male hormones, puberty, heredity.

Now there are many ways to remove facial hair. The most effective are laser, electro-and photo-epilation, but they also have a disadvantage - high cost. Many home remedies are known that do not require large expenditures and at the same time give a good result.

They most often resort to shaving and plucking, but they irritate the skin and damage the hair follicles, due to which new hairs thicken and become even more noticeable.

The most effective ways to remove facial hair are wax and sugar hair removal.They help to pull a hair along with a bulb, and new and already thinner hairs will grow much more slowly.

For wax epilation, you need to buy a special wax in the form of plates or tablets. Read here: Where to buy wax? Heat the product to a liquid state and apply with a stick to the desired area on the face. After hardening, wax gently tear off with stuck hairs. To avoid pain, wax is recommended to be applied in small, small strokes. Then a nourishing or moisturizing cream is applied to the skin.

Sugar hair removal is carried out in a similar way: sugar is melted in a bowl with a thick bottom, is applied to the desired areas on the face with a stick, and is removed with your fingers.

The only drawback of these procedures - hairs can be removed only when their length is not less than 5 mm. Owners of very sensitive skin should pay attention to the anesthetic hair removal cream.

There are other ways to remove facial hair. For example, using homemade clay. 1 kg of sugar in a saucepan over low heat is dissolved in a mixture of half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of water, and then poured into the resulting thick syrup, a third bubble of green water.The pieces of the cooled ointment are stretched with the fingers, applied to the face along the growth of the hair, and immediately peeled off in the opposite direction.

You can make an ointment from the burnt skin of green walnuts and 1 tsp. water. This mixture wipes the skin with hairs several times a day.

Use and baking soda - soaked in a mixture of 1 tsp. Soda and glasses of boiling water for cotton Overnight fixed on the desired area of ​​the face. Three such procedures are required.

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