Wooden log houses

Rounded or chopped log is a traditional material from which wooden houses are built, based on a wooden blockhouse.

This building material is made from a solid wood massif. During processing, the logs are given an ideal cylindrical shape using milling turning.

The chopped log is mainly hand-worked, the machining is minimized. Because of this, it retains its natural shape, which prolongs the life of the building material and the entire structure.

Wooden buildings made of round or chopped log are considered to be the most environmentally friendly. After all, wood is a natural, warm and reliable material. It can filter the air and regulate the humidity of an environmentally friendly natural air conditioner. Resins contained in logs saturate the air in such a house with bactericides, helping to improve the health of people living in a log house.

Houses built of logs have a very attractive appearance.Modern buildings remotely resemble log houses, which were built in Russia. Particularly relevant buildings, decorated with various tiles.

The process of building a wooden house is notable for its laboriousness and complexity, and also requires a significant investment of time and necessary knowledge. The construction of the future house begins with the selection of high-quality materials, from which the rounded log is made and the structure is erected. To ensure that the house does not lose its appearance, it is possible to entrust the construction of its own country house from logs only to experienced professionals. The choice of the company - builder should be approached very responsibly.

The market for building materials for the production of houses from a bar is quite saturated. Numerous companies are engaged in the development of projects and construction of log cabins. With its reliability and experience in this market, the company Eco-Tech stands out, combining the design and construction of wooden houses of varying complexity. The company has been operating for many years, which guarantees the high quality of the work done.

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