Wooden shelf for flowers do-it-yourself

Potted flowers are the main decoration of almost any interior. After all, they make the room brighter and more attractive. Literally any room, be it an office or apartment, can be made cozy and stylish with the help of indoor plants.
Wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands
It's no secret that almost all flowers are light-loving. That is why they are often placed on windowsills. But to place on the windowsill a large number of pots with plants, it is best to use special podstavochki. Today zhardiniery, made of metal, is in great demand. But such designs are very heavy and expensive. It is much easier to make a special shelf for flowers from wood by yourself. First, you can make a shelf of exactly the sizes that you need. Secondly, the cost of construction will be quite low.Third, such shelves look very stylish and fit into almost any interior.


To make a wooden shelf for indoor plants at home, you need the following materials:
  1. Wooden plank (length - 2.5 m., width - 0.1 m., thickness - 0.01 m.) - 1 pc.
  2. Wooden plank (length - 2 m., width - 0.1 m., thickness - 0.01 m.) - 1 pc.
  3. Wooden board (length - 0.85 m., width - 0.2 m ., thickness - 0.01 m. - 1 pc.
  4. Wooden board (length - 0.7 m., width - 0.2 m., thickness - 0.01 m. ) - 1 pc.
  5. Wooden board (length - 0.55 m., Width - 0.2 m., Thickness - 0.01 m. - 1 pc.
  6. Wooden board (length - 0.40 m., Width - 0.2 m., Thickness - 0.01 m. - 1 pc.
  7. Wooden board (length - 0.25 m., Width - 0.25 m., Thickness - 0 , 01 m.) - 1 pc.
  8. Wooden bar (length - 0.25 m., Width - 0.05 m., Thickness - 0.05 m.) - 1 pc.
  9. Wooden slats (length - 0.22 meters, width - 0.1 meters, thickness - 0.01 meters) - 4 pcs.
  10. Metal corners - 2 pcs.
  11. Wood screws - 36 pcs.
  12. White paint - 1 b.


Tools needed to make a wooden flower shelf:
  1. Jigsaw;
  2. Screwdriver;
  3. Hand saw;
  4. Grinder;
  5. Paint brush;
  6. A pencil is simple;
  7. Scissors;
  8. Protractor;
  9. Ruler or centimeter tape.

Step-by-step manufacture of a wooden shelf for indoor flowers

1.First of all, you need to determine the size of the structure. In this case, the shelf is made for small indoor plants, for example, violets. The height of the structure is 1 m., Width is 70 cm., Depth is 25 cm. The distance between the shelves is 20 cm. If you need a more dimensional structure, respectively, the amount of materials for its manufacture will be different. First, make a frame. To do this, you need to cut 2 rails with a hand saw, the height of which should be 90 cm. To make the rails smooth and smooth, process them on a grinder.
Wooden shelf for do-it-yourself flowers
2. Prepare the oblique supports. First, cut 2 slats of 122 cm in length. Next, you need to make bevels on the slats. The lower bevel should be equal to 30 degrees. After you have made the bottom cut, draw the upper line with a simple pencil. By the way, the top cut should be parallel to the bottom. Hand saw down the top corner. To shelf looked elegant, on the props need to cut arc. On a piece of paper, draw a smooth arc. The base of the arc should be equal to 18 cm.Cut the arc, attach it to the edge of one side of the plank and circle with a simple pencil. Draw another 4 arcs, and the distance between the arcs should be the same. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the bar. Cut the arcs on the prop using the jigsaw. Figured planks handle on all sides with a grinding machine.
Wooden shelf for do-it-yourself flowers
3. Attach the shape board to a flat plank and fasten them with two screws. Screw the screws using a screwdriver. Do the same with the remaining slats.
Wooden shelf for flowers do it yourself
4. Take care of the preparation of shelves. Planks 85 cm long, 70 cm., 55 cm., 40 cm. And 25 cm. Spread out on a flat surface. To make them look more attractive, they should be made semi-circular. Using a simple pencil, draw round corners on one side of all the boards. Cut the corners using a jigsaw and then polish the flower shelves.
Wooden shelf for flowers do it yourself
5. All auxiliary elements are ready.You can do the assembly design. It is very inconvenient to collect one shelf, it is best to ask someone from the household to help you. First, place two fastened planks opposite each other, connect them at the bottom with a bar. The timber is attached to the slats with metal corners and screws. Thanks to the timber construction will be more sustainable. From above on a design lay the top shelf and fix its self-tapping screws. Since for the framework of the shelf the planks were overlapped with an overlap, the width of the structure turned out to be 22 cm, and the width of each flower shelf was only 20 cm. To prevent the shelves from falling, you need to attach small planks. Remember that the straps are fastened with screws at the same distance from each other. After this, engage in the installation of shelves. Lay one side of the shelf on the plank, and fasten the other side to the curly board using four screws. Flower shelf for indoor plants is ready.
Wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands
Wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands
6. To make the design look more gentle and elegant, it can be painted in any color, for example,white.
Wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands
Wooden shelf for flowers with your own hands
Such a shelf will perfectly fit into almost any interior. In addition, the design is stable and roomy. On this shelf you will be able to place a lot of plants and create a real garden on your windowsill.

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