Wool Beads

What could be nicer than a hand made thing? The answer is simple - it is a thing made of wool. And indeed, recently accessories made with felt are very popular among fashionistas and among lovers of practical and beautiful things. Today you have the opportunity to learn how to make simple, but at the same time original and bright beads made of wool that will fit your spring mood. Our decoration will consist of several multi-colored wool beads, which will be easiest to make by applying wet felting technique. For this we need: 1. Wool for felting (as in this master class the beads consist of three colors, I needed wool of light green, yellow and bright pink color); 2. A bowl of hot water; 3. A bowl of cold water; 4. Soap (liquid soap, shampoo, etc.) is also appropriate; 5. And, of course, spring mood.
 Beads from wool
Now you can get to work. First of all, you need to prepare pieces of wool of approximately the same size.This should take into account the fact that in the process of felting wool "sit down" almost 2 times (usually it depends on the type of wool and how much you will try).
Wool beads
Now a piece of wool needs to be shaped into a ball. To do this, you need to wrap the sides of the wool strip to the center, then wrap the bottom edge upward. Thus, you need to pile the wool into a very dense ball until the piece is finished (if necessary, you can use a needle for felting - it will help to remove some irregularities).

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