Wool Dummy

A doll is not only a toy. A doll is also an attribute that plays an important role in various ceremonies. Woolen dolls, for example, are often used at spring holidays. Kids in kindergartens and schools hang them in trees, calling, thus, Mrs. Spring, and saying goodbye to the Snow Queen. To make such a doll is very simple. This will take only a few minutes. First you need to take two balls of wool yarn - light and dark, as well as a small book, cardboard and scissors. That is, the costs of not only time, but also materials are small.
what need
So, let's get started! First you need to wind light threads on the book. After that, they are cut from one side. The same is done with black threads. Only now they are cut at once from two sides.
 winding threads
Light threads are doubled, and the dark ones are distributed evenly around them. From the top near the edge they are tied with one dark thread. Most importantly, tie the knot as tightly as possible. In this case, the doll will not crumble and will please the baby for a long time.
 Woolen yarn doll
After that, light and dark threads are neatly separated from friend. As a result, the hair and body of the pupa are made, made of woolen threads. We need to be very careful to ensure that the strings are not tangled or mixed.  Woolen thread doll
The next step is the head. In order to make it, you will need to take another dark thread and tie the body of the pupa to it. The main thing is to form a rounded ball.
Doll of woolen threads
Next, we begin to weave hands. The principle is the same. We wind the dark threads on the same book and cut them from two sides.Well, after that it remains only to remember your childhood, braiding a pigtail.
 Woolen thread doll
These braided pigtails need to be inserted between thread "trunk". They are inserted directly under the head, after which the dark thread is tightly tied under them again. The result is a head, hair, chest, and skirt.
Doll of woolen threads
You can leave a doll in this state by hanging it on a wall, or, as already mentioned, on tree branches with spring holidays. However, you can make a desktop souvenir. It is for this purpose may need cardboard. A cone is cut from it, the tip of which is smeared with glue. The doll sits neatly on this cone, and that's it! The toy is ready!
 Woolen thread doll
It remains to make up your mouth and eyes. They can be drawn with a felt-tip pen, you can sew pieces of fabric, or you can glue cardboard parts of your face.
Doll of woolen threads
Well, then it all depends on your imagination! For example, a doll can make a variety of hairstyles.Weave braids, tie a ponytail, make a bun - all at the discretion of the master!  A woolen doll
 A woolen thread doll
Dress can also be decorated in different ways. Here you can sew flowers, leaves, abstraction ... In a word, the doll can turn out unusual, bright, original!  A woolen doll In addition , it will become not a simple toy, or an attribute of a spring holiday, but also an ideal decorative ornament for any apartment. It takes the manufacture of such a masterpiece no more than half an hour, and brings joy - a lot!

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